Favourite Words in March

  1. mediocre. Adjective, English. Probably my favourite insult ever.
  2. Technogypsy. Neologism, English. A modern person who takes to a travelling, nomad lifestyle by their own will/deliberately without shunning the comforts of nowadays life.
  3. orrery. Noun, English. A spinning solar system-simulation-thingy. There’s also the title of the Earl of Orrery after whom the spinning solar system-simulation-thingy was named.
  4. kestrel. Noun, English. Part of the falconidae family.
  5. Astrophel. Proper name/neologism, derived from Greek. Means “star lover” and was first used by Sir Philip Sidney in a collection of sonnets named Astrophel and Stella.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Words in March

  1. Astrophel and Stella is such a lovely poetry collection that I’d completely forgotten about! Thank you for rekindling my love of Renaissance love poetry, lol.

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