10 Things I ♥ in March

  1. Stars for Streetlights, a delightful blog about crafting, travels and generally good living written by a girl in NYC who makes the most awesome statement necklaces.
  2. Coyote Kisses, a Space Punk project from Florida. My favourite songs to have a firm place in my spring soundtrack this year are Six Shooter and Azure. Hat tip to Picko for the recommendation, but he’s my bridge over the troubled waters of auditory boredom anyway.
  3. Time Lag World, Meta’s latest collection with a Steampunk theme. I especially love that parasol. The zipper detail in this JSK is pretty nice, too (the green colourway’s my favourite).
  4. Calendas Plus, a new font from atipo. It’s really well designed, with extra ligatures and alternative letters. The best thing about it is that you can either pay with a little donation, or with a tweet or a facebook status. It’s not only quite nice for the font junkie student without any money to spend, it’s also a neat idea for advertisement. Get it here.
  5. Typewriters. And letters written with them. There’s nothing quite like the smell of that ink. I’m looking at you, Chelsey.
  6. MOVITS!, a Swedish swing rap dancehall combo. I love their newest release, Fel Del Av Gården, and actually, the rest of their music is pretty great, too.
  7. Mr Hublot, the Academy Award-winning short film. I love little neurotic people and critters in animation movies, and the Steampunk setting is just so cute, and well, actually I cried half of the time. Here’s the official website and a streaming by arte. They so deserve all these awards listed on their page.
  8. The Tiny Project. It’s probably been all over the internet already, but I still wanted to include it in this list. I couldn’t stand living in such a small space with another person for more than a few weeks, but right now this seems like a good way and a good place to spend a month or two, just drawing, writing, being, preferably by the seaside or at least not far away. I already loved Rima’s moving home back when she travelled for a year and a day, and there’s just something so captivating about tiny movable spaces.
  9. Crazy, lovely happenstances and lucky mistakes. They are ever so often the thing that makes a story take place, like missed trains, or events you wouldn’t want to go to at first, actually, or a person you don’t seem to like at all and you end up spending an evening with, if you want it or not. And these little things lead to finding something or to meeting someone or getting chances you never dreamt of, and suddenly there’s a whole new plotline to your personal story. This all seems horribly specific, but I think you’ll just know what I mean.
  10. Bees. We found a wild one during our first campaign day, with white and black fur, a really young one that had just come out of the earth, a herald of spring and life itself. I like bees (and bumblebees, of course) a lot, not only because they are my favourite daylight insects, but also because they are a symbol of industriousness (I still think that bees should be just as much be a heraldic animal of Steampunk as octopi/kraken, but I think I’ll elaborate on that another time) and beeswax candles are my favourites. (Thanks to C. for literally lending a hand for the picture above and for finding that beauty in the first place.)

Any thoughts?

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