Flea Market Treasures

Last Sunday, when I had barely slept because the night was wonderful and starry and spent in rambling conversations until the break of dawn and then some more, Scoundrel rang me up for some time down by the river, and for the flea market being held in one of the tiniest, oldest parts of town.


I’d been searching for a leather bag for quite some while now, and the old school bags I found were too heavy for my purposes. This one is a bit smaller, and albeit one of the handles broke at some point in the past I really don’t care. I love how used it already looks, because I have a thing for objects with a past. And repairing (or better yet, replacing) the handle won’t be much of a fuss – I would have done it anyway because I prefer shoulder straps.
And I just couldn’t resist another book on Art Noveau. I’m already scanning it for shapes to use in one of my next flat hacks.


I fear I can never resist silver cutlery and gilded plates – the former because I still try to get myself to make jewelery out of it, even if it means to actually break them, the latter because my inner princess loves the look of worn-out golden ornaments.


Speaking of golden ornaments. When Scoundrel decided to purchase a shalwar (the pants of a Punjabi suit) for his hippie festival wardrobe this year and didn’t want the kameez (the shirt/dress) I decided to give it a new home. Just look at those ornaments! It’ll probably end up modified as a new 20s dress. I’ll keep you posted.
The bracelet is the first thing I bought for my new LARP character – yes, two weeks of lovely, summery, battlefield-filled immersion this year.

This is why I love flea markets and second hand shops so much. You might have to dig a little deeper, search for the treasures instead of having them presented to you. It’s more of a hunt than just a joyride, I like that. And even Jules had to admit, lately, that it isn’t as scary as he thought it would be.

I’m a bit sorry I blog so little lately, but the excavation and life itself keep me busy. I just hope you’re having as good a time as I do.


4 thoughts on “Flea Market Treasures

  1. Ich bin ebenfalls jedes Mal von den Schätzen begeistert, die ich auf Trödeln ergattern kann. Schmuck, Notenhefte, Bücher, die manchmal sogar schon ein Jahrhundert überdauert haben, Kleidungsstücke, Dekoartikel – ich bin jedes Mal gespannt, was ich wohl finden werde. Gerade das macht Flohmärkte für mich auch so reizvoll, neben den Geschichten, die man von den Verkäufern teilweise über die Gegenstände erfahren kann.

  2. What a great haul! The red, oriental fabric reminds me a bit of Lady Mary´s evening gowns. Very nice and elegant. The Art Nouveau book also looks very interesting (I have a passion for Art Nouveau) and I think the bag fits good to your style. You´re a pretty good treasure hunter ;)

    1. Thanks a lot! Lady Mary’s gown wasn’t one of the things I thought of, but of course I like the idea. I first thought of Phryne Fisher’s dress at the beach in the TV series.

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