Life Lately





I’ve been quite busy lately – first the field trip, then the excavation, and I’ve been up north for some far-too-short days, too, in a place where you’ll see more seagulls than pigeons and you can already smell the sea. I lost a piece of my heart up there, somewhere between the brick buildings and the smoke and the ships and the omnipresent jellyfish that appear as little floating, translucent white dots in the dark waters.
The semester has started again, slowly, and we celebrated with a visit to our favourite sushi place and a bit of thrifting (I got the most horrible tie ever for Jules – finding these things for him has become quite the hobby for me).



Speaking of the north, I received a parcel two weeks ago from Mrs. Hands, probably one of my favourite bloggers out there. She’s a book binder and held a give-away recently, and now I’ve got this beautiful note book to write down ideas and fragments of songs and stories. I’m really sorry I didn’t mention it before, there just was no time at all. Thanks a lot.

I promise there will be more real posts again. As soon as my still-travelling soul caught up with me.


2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. I love the tree with the vine climbing up it, in front of what looks like a ruined castle! I had a dream with ruins in it that will hopefully become a story! Your description of that place sounds wonderful, too!

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