10 Things I ♥ in April


  1. The Search of Love. The Pursuit of Power. The Lure of Fantasy., the three-volume George Bernard Shaw biography I’m reading at the moment, by Michael Holroyd (put into one book for the German market under the name Magier der Vernunft). I borrowed it from my father’s bookshelf when I last visited where it had been drawing my attention for some time now but intimidated me a little through its sheer size. Holroyd is a great and witty writer and keeps up well with GBS’ own style, and the book is stuffed with great trivia and side information about Victorian and Edwardian Ireland and England and the socialist and anarchist movement of the time. In fact it’s entertaining enough to read it to people, something one can’t say about many biographies.
  2. Bug Martini, a webcomic by Adam Huber. It’s horribly mean at times, but for me it’s definitely on one level of cleverness, style and belovedness with Calvin & Hobbes, and that really means a lot. Find it here. (Hat tip to Scoundrel.)
  3. Ravel’s String Quartet in F major, and actually his only one. I first heard this back when I still lived at my father’s place and it instantly made Maurice Ravel one of my favourite composers ever. I always associate the piece with his flat with the skyline view, my feet patting across the wooden floor, me sticking my head into the kitchen, “what’s that you’re listening to, actually?”, the smell of roasted oyster mushrooms, my father’s answer somewhere between grumpy, because that’s just him, and happy that I asked. The second movement is my favourite.
  4. Spooks, a brand new webcomic by Melody Knighton about a paranormal girl detective.
  5. Brick Houses. I always had a thing for those.
  6. Goblin Threads, a really inspiring tumblr. full of androgynous and mori-esque outfit pictures and odds and ends that remind me of rain dripping on iridescent green moss and spiderwebs hung with dewdrops and the wings of unfortunate insects.
  7. To Be Or Not To Be, a Choose Your Adventure book based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. No, really. Look. It’s not only hilariously written (I spent a good part of the party where this was given as a birthday present to the Northerner reading how Ophelia invented the thermometer and lived happily ever after with her sweetheart) but also illustrated by more than one great artist. Among them are Danielle Corsetto, Faith Erin Hicks (whom I mentioned before), Jess Fink (steampunky, beautiful n-really-sfw) and Kate Beaton (whom I also may have mentioned already somewhere in this blog), and these are just a few of them. If you’ve got a  Shakespeare fanatic for a friend this might be the best gift ever.
  8. Pukka’s Elderberry & Echinacea infusion, my favourite hot beverage at the moment. I love their packaging design, too.
  9. Amanda’s Autopsies, spooky cute taxidermy artworks. While I’m not sure if I would ever put one of them in my home (probably not, with my overactive imagination) I’m rather intrigued by the photographs. Find her website here and her tumblr. here.
  10. And, the most important point on this list, Four Years with Scoundrel. Thank you, for your love, your patience and of course for all the times you made dinner. For everything.

Any thoughts?

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