And Now He’s Twenty-Two.

A few days ago Jules celebrated the night before his birthday (or more precisely, into his birthday) rather than the birthday itself. Last year, the dernière of our musical was in the way, and it all ended pretty disastrous, so he deserved a karmic compensation this year.
And oh boy, did he get it.


The motto was “A Glambecue: Decadence & Flamboyance”, and I fear I’m responsible for that portmanteau term of “glam” and “barbecue”. I arrived late in the evening, too late for the actual barbecue that must have been incredibly fancy, with countless candles in jars, lilac everywhere and grilled salmon on the table. When I got there the first thing Jules did was shouting at me from a window that he’d waited desperately for me, and what’s a better way to arrive at a party? He handed me a glass of orange punch, and off we were to the great hall.

Oh. And there was that part when I did Jules’ Make-Up.

Because of course he had not just waited for me to be there. He had also waited for me to draw him a mustache, which suited him surprisingly well. He should do that more often.

My own make-up wasn’t less flamboyant, I called my theme “a klimtian Erinys/Fury/Deity of Vengeance”, completely with dark eyes, red circles on my cheeks, dark red lips and a golden Adam Ant memorial stripe across my face.


Outfit rundowns:

– saris: India
– tunic: handmade by his mother
– jewelery: H&M
– shirt: Signum
– tie: thrifted
– pants: made by him
– shoes: TK maxx

– yukata: Japan, via a beautiful little boutique in the Shire
– overskirt: selfmade
– underskirt: selfmade
– petticoat: Claire’s
– leggings (plain black): H&M
– shoes: Doc Marten’s (Triumph)
– feather stole: Promod
– belt: thrifted
– stella octangula pendant (worn as headpiece): a gift from my mother’s partner

We had a great time dancing, sipping drinks and nibbling those great brownies and sugar rose-decorated fairy cakes two other friends of Jules had brought, and I must say I haven’t had a party that great for quite some time, dancing away the night with lovely people and celebrating the transition into the next year of my best friend’s life.


I just couldn’t resist that over-saturated filter. Damn, we’re fabulous. Thanks to the Mistress of Darkness for all the pictures of Jules and me together! I’m sorry the quality’s not as good as usual, I forgot to turn off the lowlight setting. Anyway, great evening.

And the next day, Jules’ actual birthday, we spent cinderelling away in his apartment after I had rung him up from the comfort and safety of my bed and made a date for breakfast, feasting on smoked salmon and toast and watching Kuragehime (we truly had a slightly hungover field day).

Happy Birthday again, Daaahling, and may the next one be even more fantastic.


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