Favourite Words in May


  • unhoorays. Neologism, English, plural. Brought to you by The Princess Planet.
  • Illyria. Proper name, ancient Greek [Ιλλυρία]. The Balkan region. Also the (fictionalised) place where William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is set.
  • basileios. Adjective, ancient Greek [βασίλειος]. Means “kingly”, compare “the basilisk is the king of serpents”.
  • trellises. Noun, French/English, plural. Gardening frames.
  • Dioscouroi. Noun/proper name, ancient Greek [Διόσκουροι], plural. Traslates to “the youths of Zeus”. As the name implies the sons of Zeus (and Leda), born out of eggs and elevated to eternal life in the gemini constellation.

Any thoughts?

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