Lolita Challenge: Week 23: What influences my Lolita style


I was a bit surprised to find that I had this post sitting in my drafts, completely finished except for the picture, for months! Also, this blog went on far too long without a post about fashion in one way or the other. High time to publish this!

What influences my Lolita style

Well, first there’s history – old fashion plates, vintage magazine covers, daguerreotypes and sepia photographs. I love small details like sailor collars, tassels and lace, pintucks, appliqé, embroidery. I love the delicacy of turn-of-the-century dresses and Art Nouveau prints, the everyday sturdiness of Civil War era clothing while it’s still elegant, the lighthearted yet somehow stern flair of old children’s clothing. I draw inspiration from pseudo-medieval lacing, rows of 15th century buttons, tapestries with wild unicorns and tame lions. I love the slotted sleeves of the 16th century, and I indulge in the vast details and pastels of the rococo period. Everywhere between the migration period and today there’s inspiration to be found. It reaches a peak/plateau during the 19th and early 20th century for me currently, but in general, there are things to love in every period.

Then there’s fairy tales. This ties in well with the historical inspiration but is definitely worth a mention of its own. Every time a brand puts out a fairy tale themed print I’m delighted. I still plan on making a fairy tale themed silhouette print skirt some day, and there are just so many to choose from!

Another big inspiration of mine is the circus theme. Faded colours, slightly off-key music, girls in fancy dresses vaulting about or dancing on tightropes, magicians and knife throwers, old-fashioned caravans and tents and a ringleaders jacket with gold buttons and details. While we’re there I can make the jump to carnivals, merry-go-rounds on which you pick a favourite mount or ride every year, ferris wheels and cotton candy. And stripes, in both cases. Lots and lots of stripes.

Cabinets of curiosity tend to be a slightly darker inspiration of mine. Teeth and bones, skulls, automata, pretty silverware, a bit of the paranormal, taxidermy and old weapons, mostly fencing blades, are a good start here.

And last, but not least there’s the very antithesis to “dark, slightly creepy and a bit gritty”: The sweet shop. It has pastels and cream sodas, whipped cream and swirls, biscuit themes and bonbons, sugar bracelets and, yes, mores stripes. Here I get ice cream and chocolate and tea cups and bunny-shaped buns and possibly a toothache.

What inspires your Lolita style?


Any thoughts?

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