10 Things I ♥ in May


  1. The wind howling around the corners of my house.
  2. My own little urban jungle on my windowsill. I still need some sticks for the surprising amount of nasturtium to entwine around and I’ll have to get some more pots for all the re-grown Welsh onions soon, but that’s okay. I love all the green at the windows. The pumpkins were a real surprise, though, they really didn’t look like they’d make it at first, but now they’re growing strong.
  3. The Post-War Collection by KNAPP. While I wouldn’t wear everything from this collection, some of the designs and material combinations look really interesting.
  4. Honey Badgers. They’re really giving otters a run for their favourite animal money. No only are they exceedingly clever and set on their freedom, but one of my favourite artists on dA  did a few really great illustrations on them lately (the linked one is by far my favourite). I think I’ll just settle for “mustelidae” as my new answer for the “favourite animal” question, because face it, the whole family is pretty great. (Nah, who am I kidding, I’m still an otter person.)
  5. The Circulus, a circus company from London, reclaiming forgotten urban spaces. They made a great promotional video (with really good music by Amon Tobin), too. I’m quite the fanatic for the circus, theatre and carnival aesthetic, so I was delighted to get the link to their video from Scoundrel (who knows of my obsession with the performing arts as well as insubordinate use of the urban jungle).
  6. Koyamori on deviant Art. Her artwork is so serene and quiet yet sometimes a little bit disturbing in a good way. And sometimes quite moriesque.
  7. Habit RPG. I’m horrible at keeping goals and to-do lists, but this little app manages what I won’t do by myself. It helps a lot that I play RPGs on my free time anyway. I’m always quite truthful when it comes to task-based things like this (I can’t even lie to myself), so it works perfectly well with me.
  8. Rainy Mood. I love the sound of rain, it’s so inspiring when I write or draw, and it’s soothing when I take a nap. And even when it’s not pouring outside, I can still get into the mood with this wonderful link. Hat tip to the Northerner.
  9. Lectures by our exchange professor from London. It’s about ships and seafaring in antiquity, no less. He’s great in his field, and entertaining, and rather adorable, and we all love learning from him. Oh, and of course we all love his accent, too.
  10. Soul Eater Not!, a spin-off and prequel of the 2008 anime (and manga, of course) Soul Eater. And a shoujo one at that! The show centers around a weapon with self-esteem issues due to her dull blade and the two meisters competing to wield her. I loved the weird world of Soul Eater so I was utterly delighted to find a spin-off that explained a bit more about the inner workings of the school and setting in general.

5 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in May

  1. I loooove your little indoor garden! The little nasturtiums are so quite the way they are growing towards the light! It is cool that you can eat the flowers, although I never liked the taste, they taste kind of mustardy! I love having flowers indoor to brighten the day!

    1. I figured. ^^
      Thanks, I love to wake up every morning to see how much the plants have grown. The picture’s from this morning, and the pumpkins are already a few centimeters taller already!

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