Lolita Challenge: Week 24: What’s in my makeup bag


What’s in my makeup bag


I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis, so these are the things I’m most likely to use when I wear Lolita:

  1. mousse make-up. It’s easy to apply with only my fingers and stays longer than other powder without me feeling caked. (essence, soft touch mousse in 04 matt ivory)
  2. lip tint. I like it better than lipstick or gloss, as it gives a more natural-looking stain and doesn’t stick to anything. (Max Factor, lipfinitiy lip tint in 04 berry burst)
  3. loose kohl powder for my signature-if-any dotted line above the upper lashes. (Catrice, ltd. edition Bohemia, C02 nap in the shade)
  4. blush. I already dedicated a whole post to this. Also, I love having healthily pink cheeks. (Manhattan, Pastell Pretties cheek & eye cream in 01 tulipster)
  5. white eyeliner pencil to make my eyes look a bit bigger (and to make me look a bit more awake). (essence, kajal pencil in 04 white)
  6. black eyeliner pencil for the outer lower lid. I only started using this recently this way, and I think I like it. (alverde, kajal eyeliner in 01 schwarz)
  7. lip balm. I usually use one by Weleda (and I used to have a great chocolate-flavoured one from Bodyshop) to keep my lips from getting too dry. It also works perfectly as a surrogate (and precise) make-up remover to wipe away smeared eyeliner or the fine dust of eye make-up after half a day of wearing it. (H&M, body treats lip treatment in honey sugar. Honestly, I bought this mainly for the cute desing in a sale. Shame on me.)
  8. A small pocket mirror I once bought at a bookstore.

I’m still trying things and working on a routine, and most of the time it works out well.

Fonts used: Type Keys Filled, Isla Bella.


2 thoughts on “Lolita Challenge: Week 24: What’s in my makeup bag

  1. Funny, I am using exactly the same black and white eyeliner pencils. As for lip balm, I am really happy with Burt’s Bees. It is organic and comes in various slightly tinted versions.

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