“Eclecticly Thrown-Up Upon”


As I mentioned before, the month started with Jules’ birthday, and on Saturday I was finally able to bring him his present over (he literally lives just around the corner now). The washi tape gift tag is funny because jewels and Jules are homophone if you slur the former a little.


The title to this post might seem a little bit off, but let me explain: Jules is, for some reason, a big fan of Millie Brown, who creates pictures on canvas by throwing up coloured milk all over them. While I admittedly don’t really get the appeal of this method and the results I thought he’d appreciate something along the lines of that.
Also, he moved just two or three months ago and didn’t have a teapot yet. How in all possible worlds can a person live without something to make more than a cup of tea in


However disturbing, I found his lack of a teapot quite convenient. I don’t like useless gifts, although Jules is probably one of the few people who actually like getting purely ornamental stuff for presents. I’m more of a useful-yet-pretty kind of person. And a teapot would be useful, and I could make it pretty, I thought.
Well, at least somehow aesthetically pleasing, if you take the title of the piece into account.



I worked with Marabu porcelain in metallic-gold and black (pure gold for the first layer, and gold with a bit of black mixed in for the second). The paint is water-based, so I pretty much did what I would do with water colours: I dipped some paint onto the edges of the pot and then in-the-actual-sense-of-the-word watered it down with a brush full of water (well, duh). When I worked with porcelain pain last time it had to be burned in the oven to be dishwasher-safe, but the new paint obviously doesn’t need this, only three days time to dry.



I’m not sure how much I like the result, and the thought has crossed my mind that the second layer wasn’t necessary, but Jules loved it, so that’s okay. I like, however, the fine blurred threads of gold that are barely visible. I also like the slightly Art Déco-ish lines of the tea pot design (which comes from Xenos, by the way).


Well, however, now he has a teapot.


2 thoughts on ““Eclecticly Thrown-Up Upon”

    1. Thanks a lot!
      You should have seen Jules’ face when I explained to him that the gift was linked to Millie Brown. It was hilarious when he asked how to unpack it without it ruining the carpet (he knows perfectly well that I’m rather opposed to this kind of… art). ^^

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