draco dormiens numquam CEO faciendus

… never make a sleeping dragon your CEO.


These two grain heat pads were projects I wanted to finish for a loooong time, and finally I got them done.


This one is for Weirdboi, who is our Shadowrun game master at the moment, hence the Saeder-Krupp stencil and hence the dragon CEO.


It’s filled with wheat grains in four seperate chambers and long enough to be used for sore shoulders and a tense trapezius.


And this one is for one of my favourite potterheads, hence the Hogwarts crest and the Harry Potter quote… sort of.

It’s made with beans instead of normal grain, which works just as well, and its meant to be put on the heating and to use on cold winter evenings, and whenever needed, too.


Both covers (with flap closures, as I don’t trust buttons for things that are supposed to be put into an oven – nothing that might be damaged easily by heat – or microwave – no metal) are sewn from a great black linen I had in my stash, the stencils are printed on simple off-white cotton and the labels were spontaneously made out of ribbon with my new signature. I simply couldn’t find my old ones and this matched the overall style of the pads anyway. The pads themselves are made of leftovers from old sewing projects, and I’m always glad to get rid of those.


4 thoughts on “draco dormiens numquam CEO faciendus

  1. These look great! I love the idea of making useful things look lovely too! And it’s great to make sure there are no fastenings that could come off or melt in the microwave!

    1. Thanks a lot! Heat pads are one of my go-to choices for presents as they can be so easily cutomised. I must admit I also keep a list of people with their respective fandoms and favourites to know what would make them happy. ^^

  2. Die Körnerkissen sind toll! An deinen gefällt mir besonders, dass du sie nicht durch irgendwelche kitschigen Stoffe “dekorativ” gestaltet hast, sondern durch die gelungenen Stencils und die simplen, aber effekiven Kontraste. Allerdings war ich schon durch die Harry-Potter-Anspielung voreingenommen. ;)

    Und jetzt verziehe ich mich unschuldig pfeifend und versuche dabei die Tatsache zu vertuschen, selber seit zwei Jahren Dinkelkörner nur für Körnerkissen zu lagern…

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