UFO Friday

Hey, look at that, UFO Friday made it to a second week! UFO, just like last time, is short for UnFinished Object and the name of this (weekly, maybe?) feature showing off my recent projects-in-progress.


The rag rug has progressed to 40cm of weave. There’s a lot of red and black in it at the moment, but I guess that’ll change as soon as I work my old rag rug’s strips into it, too.


My other ongoing project this week are dreadlock beads. They’re supposed to look a bit crystalline, but so far the colours aren’t right yet, and with the first batch (the one in the picture is the second one) the colours were okay, but not only were they burned, no, I hadn’t worked out the shape either. Well, it can’t always go perfectly well. I’m working on that.

The garden ist well, too, if you’d like to know, I just re-planted a few on the pumpkins.


2 thoughts on “UFO Friday

  1. The rag rug is looking so good! I really really will have to start looking into making one. guess I shouldn’t have got rid of all that spare material I had lying around! Whoops!

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