If you fail, put cream on top


Sometimes when you’re a crafty person things don’t go right. Quite the contrary, they go awfully wrong. My personal top-of-the-list example is the cake in the picture above. It was supposed to be this chiffon cake (but with cocoa), and yes, it went up wonderfully and got all fluffy, but I – scatterbrain that I am – completely forgot that my oven is approximately the size of a shoe box and thus the swelling batter neared those heat bars like a very tasty Icarus metaphor. Well, the cake got severe burns, and I angrily pulled it out of the oven. In the end I decided to just cut off the burnt top, scoop out the still-runny inner batter and pour it into another tin and bake both tins until they were edible. Which worked, and though it was a bit dry it tasted perfectly well when doused in vegan spray cream (which tastes better than the omnivore deal, less plastic and sweet). It didn’t really last long, too.

You see, not everything is a great success by the first try, and I think that’s okay. Because if you don’t have to try, you simply don’t, and without experiments there woudn’t be any development in whatever it is you do. Failing itself isn’t bad, it’s a thing everybody does. I used to be quite the perfectionist, and a few years ago (all right, sometimes today, too) this cake incident would have brought me to tears, but I’m getting better accepting that I don’t have to do everything perfectly.

Have you ever had a crafting/cooking fail that wasn’t as horrible as you first thought?

I think I’m going to try the recipe again, though, but with a smaller tin this time.


One thought on “If you fail, put cream on top

  1. Das ist Freundschaftskuchen, denn den kann man nur mit wirklich guten Freunden essen! – Sagt meine Mama immer zu solchen Backunfällen. XD

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