30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 25 & 26

25 – What’s your favorite animal and why?

I love otters. They’re so playful and wriggly, and they love being in water even more than I do. I guess if I were an animal, I could easily be an otter, I think we’re quite kindred spirits. I also love mice for similar reasons, although Brambly Hedge might have had a huge influence here, too. My favourite birds are sparrows – they’re so daring and adventurous! – and crows, of which we have here plenty. Oh, and potoos.
Back when I helped out in a small wildlife park from time to time back in my teens I loved taking care of the goats. They’re just as bold and mischievous as sparrows, and they have hooves and horns.
Actually, I’m not really picky when it comes to animals, and I love dogs, bears, foxes, badgers (Hufflepuff pride!), deer, koi, narwhals, hares and rabbits, kine and buffalos, owls, sheep, alpacas, bees and bumblebees, toads and moths alike.
My heraldry animal though would be a lion because I’d love my life to be a story, and names in stories have power. So why else should my parents have chosen a lion name for me?*

26 – When you’re out in nature, where do you often find yourself? (in the woods, a lake, river, etc. what’s your favorite spot? describe it for us!)

I love to be near water. I love moving waters best (how I miss the seaside!), but swamps, ponds and lakes are great as well. I could never imagine not to live near water, and I’m very glad to live nearby the river here. It’s my favourite spot in town, that small pebble beach with the mushroomed trees and the small island in the river. I love climbing on trees on the riverbanks, but I also love to be in the woods up the hill behind my mother’s house in the Shire. They smell like honey, and your steps make the ground sound hollow. There’s a lot of sand on the paths through the fields there – sometimes I nearly expect to see the sea behind the next hill. Everything is overgrown with blackberries and heather, it’s a beautiful place during late summer and early autumn. It’s beautiful all year round, actually, and I’m very glad I grew up there.


– – – – – – – –

*Ari is Hebrew for Lion


I tried something new with the picture above for once, it’s water colour on 220g/m² paper, about 8x8cm and I didn’t use a sketch to paint on.


3 thoughts on “30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 25 & 26

  1. I love the drawing! Otters are so cute! I used to have books similar to Bramly Hedge when I was a kid, with all the little animals, and berries, and all that! So adorable!

    I love nature, walking by the river at the back of the houses at the end of our street is so refreshing! I might do this challenge myself, although I don’t really know that much about Mori except for that I find it inspiring!

    1. Thanks a lot. :)
      I’d love to read your answers on the challenge, please take it on! I think to find it inspiring is enough to do it, no, I think it’s actually the most important part about it.

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