Checking off the List: Choco’s Mori Girl Mixi List

I wanted to do this for ages. The Mixi List is the first thing that ever defined Mori Kei, setting up a few guidelines (I don’t consider them rules) for the style. I always had mixed feelings about this list, as some of the listed things were quite off in my opinion.

Inspired by Laura’s list over at Roses and Vellum (albeit for Dark Forest Mori, but that’s coming up next) here is my checked-off, (sometimes slightly sarcasticly) commented Mixi List.

Original list in black, checked-off points in sea green, and comments in the usual dark grey.

Mori-Girl (Forest Girl) Provisions]

  1. Loves loose-fitting, one-piece dresses. “Loose fitting” usually doesn’t look good on me, so I just go for “comfy”.
  2. Wears one piece dresses and skirts as everyday dresses.
  3. Prefers somewhat quirky clothing over simple ones (but doesn’t really like out and out flashy ones). Define “flashy”.
  4. Similar to Natural kei fashion but with a little quirk.
  5. Loves to be particular about materials. Definitely, I just can’t wear polyester and other non-natural fibers, they make me all twitchy.
  6. Loves to wear ethnic clothes. Or at least I’m inspired by them.
  7. Dresses in A line clothes. No. As a curvier girl, A line looks horrible on me. See above.
  8. Loves one-piece dresses similar to what little girls would wear. Yes, every time I pass a cute girl’s dress, I complain that it’s not available in my size. Same goes for kids’ shoes.
  9. Loves smock-like one piece dresses and blouses. Yes, I think they’re very pretty, but most of the time, the A line dilemma applies here, too.
  10. Doesn’t like super sweet fashion. I’m not a big fan of OTT Sweet Lolita, but a bit of sweet is okay. As it says “super sweet”, I think it’s all right to tick it off.
  11. Loves deep earthy colors like Bordeaux (burgundy), dark green, dark blue, and brown. Yes, and mustard yellow and all the colours of fall. Also, I’m more of a brick red girl than a burgundy one. It’s a bit sad that colour has been on a hard decline in Mori Kei recently, as if all there is were the beiges of “traditional mori” and the ash hues of Strega.
  12. Looks good in warm colors. Deep autumn all the way.
  13. Is more comfortable with short nails, rather than long.
  14. Loves soft, cushy knits or fur caps. I still need more things that still fit with my dreadlocks.
  15. Loves ear muffs. They are kind of cute, but rather impractical.
  16. Loves ponchos and boleros. See above.
  17. Likes to use leather bags. Thrifted ones and hand-me-downs are best when it comes to environmental and moral consciousness.
  18. Uses pochettes at every chance. No. Too small.
  19. Prefers gold accessories to silver ones. I like both.
  20. Finds old/vintage items charming.
  21. Loves pocket watches.
  22.  Loves necklaces with large motifs, like loupes. While I actually like the look of these, I find them too impractical to wear them, except for conventions an such, but then rather on my belt that around my neck.
  23. Loves animal motifs. I’m a big fan of moth motifs lately.
  24. Loves candy and sweets motifs.
  25. Loves checks and polka-dots. I don’t like polka dots, especially not black or white ones. And I’d love a checkerboard dress with different shades of grey.
  26. Loves retro flower prints.
  27. Loves lace.
  28. Loves tights and leggings. I just discovered leggings for my own style, they’re so incredibly comfy!
  29. Wears flat soled shoes as default foot-wear. Yes, also because living in a cobble-street hillside town, everything else would be downright moronic.
  30. Loves round-toed shoes. Everything else just isn’t comfortable at all, so this is actually one of the first things I look for in shoes.
  31. If wearing sneakers, they must be slip-ons that are loose-fitting and cute. ALL my trainers are tie-ups because in slip-ons one can neither run nor climb. Seriously, has this girl ever been to a forest?
  32. Prefers cloth buttons to ordinary buttons. I don’t play favourites. I just like buttons.
  33. Loves to wrap scarves and stoles all the way around the neck. Isn’t that what they’re made for? I love extra long scarves with ends that go down to my calves even when properly wrapped in winter.
  34. Their default winter wear is turtlenecks. I don’t always like things to be close to my neck, so I’m more of a scarf-all-the-time person.
  35. Loves to wear layers.
  36. Likes clothes with puffed sleeves. Yes, but I’m always a bit afraid they’ll make my shoulders look broader.
  37. Loves fairy tales.
  38. Has a light complexion. That’s racist. I’ve seen explanations for this as “just healthy looking”, but seriously? Anyway, I actually am rather light-skinned, but I sometimes wish I’d look a bit healthier.
  39. Soft curled hair. Before the dreadlocks it was stick-straight and really thick and not soft at all, sadly.
  40. Bob cut with short bangs. No, but the plan for when I’ve had enough of the locks.
  41. Short bangs, long hair with curls. Still no.
  42. Girlie-girlie. I’m more of a tomboy, and people will always get that impression of me, no matter how much lace and pink I wear.
  43. Loves Felissimo. I’m not much of a brand person, I fear.
  44. Especially loves Syrup and Snow Fellisimo. See above.
  45. Loves the vibe of Q-pot candy-shaped accessories. Ohgodyes. But actually I’d rather make them myself.
  46. Loves to hang loose/chill at cafés. Yes, my favourite one is a collectively led by the river with mismatched chairs and a garden next to the water. Sometimes people in kayaks land there, too, and just climb out and go in to get some coffee or tea.
  47. Loves to take a walk with a camera in a hand. Always with a camera, but I prefer to have it stored in my bag when not in use because let’s face it, everything else is, yes, impractical.
  48. When walking, before they know they start going from one small shop to the next, shopping. Window shopping maybe, but usually not. The riverbanks don’t have so many shops anyway.
  49. A collector;  has a habit of collecting things they love. I’ve restraining myself lately (no more old books for me!), but I occasionally bring home stones, pretty leaves and doilies.
  50. Feel happy when they find cute books at bookstores.
  51. They get exited when they shop at furniture stores. What can I say, IKEA is my personal wonderland. Most of the time. And then I get annoyed and just want to get out. I actually like building my furniture myself better, and handed-down vintage items are generally a great thing.
  52. Loves hand-made stuff. And loves hand-making stuff.
  53. Loves winter and autumn as far as the seasons go. Layers! Although I appreciate spring and summer, too.
  54. Wants to travel to northern Europe someday. Already did that, though, but I wouldn’t mind doing it again.
  55. Likes to put round make-up on cheeks. Avowed blush addict.
  56. If you are going to use any perfumes, it should be faint flower scents. I think woody, mossy scents are perfectly well, too.
  57. A girl with soft air about her (or longs to be one). Well, now we’re in complicated territory. Telling people how to appear to others and how to feel isn’t the best of ideas.
  58. A girl with pure and clear air (or longs to be one). Define. Also, see above.
  59. You were told you permeate a laid-back aura at all time. No, people view me as springy most of the time. I think the whole “mori girls should be gentle and serene and introvert” thing isn’t really nice, because, well, people aren’t always the same, and styles don’t necessarily have to appeal to the same kind of people. Yes, there is a higher chance that a mori girl shows those traits than, let’s say, an OOT Sweet Lolita, but anyway, I don’t really like this approach. *breathe*
  60. You consider Hagu from “Honey and Clover” a Mori Girl. I consider Hagu exhaustively boring-to-annoying most of the time, and those horrible slippers she got in the beginning of at least the anime were everything else but Mori Kei. What I’ve seen so far from the live action series could count as Mori Kei, though.
  61. Shizuru Satonaka from “Tada, kimi wo aishiteru (I simply love you)” is also Mori Girl. To be honest I haven’t read or watched this one yet.
  62. A friend told you that you look like you belong in a forest. Multiple times.

You see, of course it’s not important to mark every single item on the list as positive. Every time I read this I get increasingly annoyed during the course of the list by the useless, impractical, anaemic picture this list draws of Mori Kei people. And I miss things like “you like being outside” or “you think that environmental consciousness is important”, which are, in my opinion, far more defining than a “laid-back aura” or a certain hairstyle. Maybe I should write my own list, about what defines “my” Mori Kei.

What do you think about this list of “guidelines”? Are they to be followed by every word or rather to be taken as inspiration?


6 thoughts on “Checking off the List: Choco’s Mori Girl Mixi List

  1. As someone who has no connection at all to Mori or Lolita stuff I’m a bit reluctant to comment (but that won’t stop me). To me, this list looks like the woods are more like the setting or backdrop whose only purpose is to make the clothes look good. Practicality is not an issue in this. However, in my opinion it should be the other way around. I prefer it when clothes look like they were chosen to fit a special purpose, e.g. having an adventure in the forest. You can still look like having stepped out of a fairytale if you have shoelaces…
    Moreover, I have a bit of a problem with all this “softness”. “Softness” in my opinion implies passivity and I don’t think that should be advocated. “Kindness” is great, however. If a girl has an “air of kindness” around her, that’s something one should aspire to. But “a soft air” smells too much of traditional feminine ideals to me.
    I think it’s great that you think critically about these lists. After all, a style has to be defined somehow, but if these rules to some extent border on the ridiculous or “unhealthy” (for lack of a better word), this has to be adressed.

    1. Thanks for putting it so well! I completely agree with you that clothes should fit the purpose more than the backdrop. I’ve only just seen reposts of the list up to now, so I thought adressing the problems about it was in some way (even it I didn’t discuss it so much) necessary.

  2. Aw thanks, I didn’t actually write the list but I am glad you found it inspiring! I love your list and annotations! I definitely agree with Janna too, I have started liking things that are a bit more practical- although for me practical means things like- shorter skirt so I can run around! I do like things that I feel like I could wear in a forest, although I would happily run around in a forest in a totally impractical tulle dress, too!

    1. I mainly took inspiration from you marking which items appeal to you and which don’t. In fact, I’m editing my own version of a checked-off Strega list at the moment. :)
      I’d probably take the tulle dress, too, but it wouldn’t last long, and I’d take it out from time to time when the weather was all right to flounce about between the trees, just to rip it some more and pack it away again. ^^

      1. Oooh I can’t wait to see the Strega list too! I didn;t know that was a style, can’t wait to see and steal some inspiration, I am thinking of doing the mori girl challenge too, although I don’t know a lot about it really. :)

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