MAKING a List: My Personal Mori Kei List.

After checking off the existing Mori and Strega Kei lists I decided to write my own Mori Kei person list. With colours, and more emphasis on living consciously. Of course, if you’d like to, you can take it, copy and paste it, comment it, add to it, do what ever you want with it (although a link back would be nice if you use it on your blog).

  1. loves to be outside
  2. natural, dusty colours with lower saturation for basics, like ash hues, beiges, browns or greens
  3. accents in colours like rowan berry red, sea green, cornflower blue and goldenrod yellow
  4. round-toe shoes
  5. shoes have to be somewhat sensible, as in that one should be able to walk a while, run or climb in them
  6. doesn’t care too much about their clothes and if they get stained or ripped. Things like these happen and cloth can be mended and washed.
  7. which doesn’t mean they are unwashed or messy in a bad style
  8. natural hair, colour and form don’t matter as long as the person feels and looks natural with it (there are people considering pink their natural hair colour, after all, and surely sausage curls can look natural on some people)
  9. relentlessly mixes gold and silver jewelery and simply pulls it off.
  10. metal jewelery often has an antique finish or patina
  11. always carries a notebook and a pen for sketches and ideas
  12. prefers bags that hold at least said notebook and pen, a small bottle of water, a snack and some trinkets that might prove useful during their adventures plus some extra space for finds and souvenirs.
  13. prefers bags with straps long enough to fit over at least one shoulder comfortably, or rucksacks
  14. wears only organic/natural fibers and real leather and wool (if any) as far as possible
  15. is inspired by historical fashion and children’s books as well as more dystopic/post-apocalyptic visions of the future
  16. loves mismatched everyday items such as furniture, dishes and socks
  17. enamel dishes and enamel in general are a favourite
  18. layers!
  19. enjoys making their own clothes, accessories and/or everyday items
  20. has or wishes for an animal companion
  21. floral, herbal or arboreal crowns, with or without antlers
  22. loves old scientific illustrations, such as botany or zoology ones
  23. has a kitchen garden to work in or at least grows edible things on their windowsill
  24. loves mountains and the sea, probably has a favourite (but rugged, rocky coastlines are the best of both worlds)
  25. prefers swimming in ponds, rivers and the sea to chlorine-infused swimming pools
  26. cares about where their food comes from, especially with animal produce
  27. recycles and reuses as much as possible
  28. isn’t artificial, but true to their own self
  29. prefers trains, bikes and their feet to cars, planes and busses
  30. has a weak spot for old-fashioned things
  31. thrifting or handing-down is preferred to new items, and more fun, too
  32. loves worn-out, shiny leather items
  33. has a few favourite cultures to draw inspiration from
  34. might be interested in spirituality and esotericism, featuring symbols and crystals in their style
  35. brooches and badges are great temporary add-ons to an outfit
  36. make-up isn’t necessary, but a signature look can be nice
  37. keeps their dry food in jars rather than plastic wrappings
  38. practises some sort of art, like playing an instrument, pottery, or painting
  39. thinks that Dickon from The Secret Garden is an archetypical Mori person
  40. witches, fairies, elves, gnomes and other fores dwellers are style inspirations
  41. loves camping with a bit of comfort
  42. would love to keep bees
  43. loves small imperfections in the material they wear
  44. loves fairy tales, legends and folklore in general or of a certain culture
  45. would love the smell of old books, earth after rain or bonfires as perfume
  46. loves wooden items, polished with beeswax/oil or rough
  47. patchwork is wonderful
  48. knows how to love and strives to make the best of every weather
  49. rain, wind or snow are no reasons not to go outside
  50. but curling up inside on an armchair or comfy rug is great, too
  51. loves to have adventures, on their own or with friends
  52. probably has a blog, tumblr or instagram to document their everyday adventures
  53. likes compasses and pocket watches
  54. clothes with pockets are preferred
  55. unashamedly uses filters on their photographs it they think it looks nice and fits the purpose
  56. fingerless gloves or overly long sleeves to hide their hands in
  57. can be quiet and still for a while, for example when watching animals without startling them
  58. thick knits like big socks and overly long scarves, maybe with intricate patterns
  59. thinks that old skeleton keys, pretty pebbles, beach glass and claws or small animal skulls or bones make great jewelery
  60. mostly wears solids, stripes and check patterns, but animal motives and florals are great, too

I make no claim for this list to be complete, and I might add some items from time to time, too.

Do you find aspects of yourself in my Mori Kei interpretation? Or do you disagree with me completely?

6 thoughts on “MAKING a List: My Personal Mori Kei List.

  1. I love the idea of making your own Mori checklist! And I agree with most things on your list, but I feel like your interpretation of Mori is a more western/European version. The Japanese version of Mori girl seems to be more light and airy than most other cultures seem to interpret it. I personally fall more into the Japanese Mori girl category, but I like both interpretations! I think that more people should make their own Mori checklists! In fact, I think I shall do so right now! Thank you for the inspiration :)

    1. You’re welcome!
      Yes, I guess my interpretation is rather western. I tried to incorporate things from both sides, Strega and normal Japanese Mori, and a bit of natural kei. I’m glad you like it!

  2. Great list! I might have to get around to copying and checking this one off too when I get the time! I can see a lot of things here that probably apply to me too! :)

  3. love it! a lot of it fits me. I’m a kind of mix of this, dolly kei, and typical mori kei. I like your more practical additions. and notebooks. yes notebooks. I like the airiness/softness of normal mori, but like more colors added and a little more “enchantment” a la dolly kei or strega.

Any thoughts?

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