10 Things I ♥ in June


  1. Unicode. There even is a film about it. With every sign. Isn’t it beautiful?
  2. The Divine Comedy. As in “the band“. I stumbled upon a quote of what is now my favourite song of theirs, The Happy Goth, here. It makes me want to wear a pentacle necklace again, heavy eyeliner and knee-length black dresses and fishnets. The rest is pretty nice to listen to, too (especially “Tonight We Fly” and “Everybody Knows” which actually tie with “The Happy Goth” for favourites), and I just love chamber pop as a genre name.
  3. Tilke’s Oriental Costumes, a book about “their designs and colours” from 1922. The fashion plates are highly inspirational, and you can find an online copy here (thank you, Indiana University!).
  4. OMG, is that an actual trailer for the Sailor Moon reboot? The character design is far closer to the manga than the old anime, and rumor has it that the storyline is, too. Well, the original audience has grown up a bit, and maybe so has the show. Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to it!
  5. Bastion. Already a few years old, this game was on sale on Steam lately, and it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen (it’s also fun and challenging to play). Actually, I think this deserves its own post (but here’s the official website if you still want to take a look).
  6. GiPSY Dharma Boots. The perfect fairy footwear. Here’s their website.
  7. The strange yet wonderful art of Mab Graves.
  8. Treepots by Sticks & Stones Studio. They are beautifully crafted, probably the most accurate fairy tea pots ever, if there’s such a thing (and if they’re not made of acorns). They are all incredibly pretty, but I think my favourites are cypress, myrtlewood (aww, those little stumpy legs!) and oak.
  9. Earcuffs. They open up so many possibilities for modification. I especially like those with chains to the normal earring. Also, they can double as fake lip piercings (see relentlessly filtered selfie above).
  10. Long Public Transport Rides. And by “long” I mean an hour or more. As long as I’ve got a seat, preferably two, to myself, I’m perfectly fine. Long rides give me the time to finally read all these uni copies I never want to read at home because I’ve got so many other things I’d rather do. I love looking out of the window and seeing the landscape flying by. Also, I sleep incredibly well in trains and cars.

One thought on “10 Things I ♥ in June

  1. I love the treepots so much! Very inspiring, I might have to do a post about them! So many posts I want to do, so little time! :P

    Gipsy Dharma boots are pretty awesome looking, I don’t know anyone who actually has a pair, have you got some?

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