Lolita Challenge: Week 25: Best places to wear Lolita

Best places to wear Lolita

I feel like I’m supposed to write about how one should wear Lolita wherever they want to, how no-one should try to restrict themselves or others in their choice of attire (except for places where it can be dangerous for others, like in a necessarily sterile environment). But sadly, I’m a rather practically-minded person, so you’ll actually get a take-it-with-a-grain-of-salt list with five places where I think wearing Lolita is easier, more comfortable, more stylish than somewhere else. It’s, of course, still up to your where you take your finery.

To the theatre.

Be it opera, drama or ballet, because it’s your Sunday best. Restrooms are usually big enough for all the petticoats and have tall mirrors to check if everything is where it should be. I’d still stick to solids here, or unobstrusive patterns and prints. Old-fashioned cinemas might be nice as well, especially when going for an arthouse film.

To the beach or harbour.

Perhaps not for swimming, because let’s face it, to get out and back into a full-blown Lolita outfit at the beach would be annoying and/or embarassing (especially without changing rooms). A casual outfit could work, though. But what I actually meant were strolls by the seaside, preferably in Sailor Lolita. When you’re looking for sea shells on the beach, you’d  have to wear sturdy, closed footwear or no shoes and socks at all, and your best bag is probably not the best choice to store your finds in.

To a café.

Because it’s a classic. Preferably with other Lolitas or a good book to accompany you while you’re daintly sipping your tea and nibbling on your cake. Go for old-fashioned places, they are more likely to have comfy armchairs to lounge in with a petticoat, the decor will probably match your style, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get some compliments on your outfit from nice, little old ladies, too.

To a stroll in the snow.

Imagine powdered white streets, lighted shop windows and strands of lights stretched over the street. Going window shopping in such a scenery in Lolita, one can’t but feel like they’re in a Victorian or Edwardian winter’s tale. Take out your coat, put a beret on your curls, burrow your hands in your muff and go looking for the most old-fashioned presents you can find (don’t forget to smile at shop keepers and practically everyone who comes your way. Either they’ll find it unnerving, or they’ll wonder if you just hopped out of a storybook and smile back). Extra points for being on your way to the rink with a pair of old-fashioned skates over your shoulder.

To the carnival/circus.

Time to break out the loud, colourful prints, the more sweets and little animals featured, the better. Make sure your fairy floss matches the colours of your dress, and make sure to wear bloomers if you want to ride something else than a ferris wheel. Look for carousels (the older the better), curiosity cabinets and more candy and just soak in the atmosphere. Try to leave before things get ugly, you don’t spilt everything on your dress, and in the evening places like this get frequented by more drunk than sober folks (which might not be great for your outfit, either). Better to go in the morning, when everything is still clean and the queues aren’t so long yet.


What are your favourite places to show of your frills (if you wear any, that is)?


5 thoughts on “Lolita Challenge: Week 25: Best places to wear Lolita

  1. Ich finde ja du hättest noch Tierparks dazunehmen sollen. Es macht mir viel mehr Spaß Tiere zu beobachten wenn ich Lolita trage. Das löst beides in mir eine Art kindlich-naive Freude aus, die sich dann gegenseitig hochpusht. Vor allem das Petticoat-Wippen, wenn man endlich vor das Lieblingstiergehege springen kann ist toll! :D Und natürlich ist das eine prima Gelegenheit um Tierprints auszuführen.

      1. Tut mir leid für die späte Antwort, hab etwas viel um die Ohren für meine Verhältnisse. Ich wär auf jeden Fall dabei, hab aber wohl eher unter der Woche Zeit. Du kannst mir ja einfach bei fb schreiben, wenn du in der Stadt bist und Lust drauf hättest. :) Und jetzt habe ich gar keinen Tierprint, sowas doofes! >_<

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