Favourite Words in June

  • interrobang. This thing: , perhaps the best name for a punctuation mark ever. Obviously a portmanteau term of, finally, interrogare (Latin, “to ask, to question”) and bang! (English, onomatopoeticum used for the exclamation mark in printers’ slang).
  • June. Proper name, English. Name of the 6th month of the Julian and Gregorian calendar, derived from Juno, goddess of matrimony and birth, patron deity of Rome (and the Roman empire).
  • floss. Noun, English. Thread or fiber, very tasty and airy in combination with the word candy or fairy. Might be used as a verb, too, referring to cleaning one’s teeth with a special brand of thread.
  • dingbat. Onomatopoeticum, English. Ornamental typographical units. Also, informally, a crazyperson or someone silly (it’s still nice for name-calling).
  • decipherability. Noun, English. The ability to decipher something, for example worn-out inscriptions.

_  _  _  _  _

The picture above is the one used in the Wikipedia explanation of the term “dingbat” and thus doesn’t belong to me. It’s from Hill’s Manual from 1882, and I liked the poem (do only I read it that way or is it actually a call to seed bombing?).


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