UFO Friday



After pushing the lines together a bit, the rag rug has about 55cm at the moment, but it’s growing, and it’s getting far more colourful. The bright yellow fabric is from another UFO, a pair of loose hippie pants for Scoundrel.
The pillow cover above is actually finished by now. I found it in a thrift store a while ago and  it always annoyed me that one could see the actual pillow through the lace, so I just sewed another piece of white fabric behind it. I also shortened the case as I usually only use half-sized pillows (I simply cut it off, cut off the button line from the cut-off part again, sewed it onto the other part, fin), and now it doesn’t fall around in the case anymore.

I’m up North again since yesterday, visiting Kiel’s annual city festival and going to the seaside, so I’ll be back on Monday at the earliest. Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “UFO Friday

    1. Danke. Ich hab’ die mal in der Ein-Euro-Abteilung eines Second-Hand-Ladens gefunden, zusammen mit einer anderen in Lila. Witzigerweise hatte ich was vergleichbares schon zu Hause, irgendwann müssen lila Kissenbezüge (die “Bausubstanz” an sich muss recht alt sein, wenn man sich mal Knöpfe und Verarbeitung anschaut) mal echt in gewesen sein… ^^
      Kiel war super, Fotos folgen. Ist eine schöne Stadt, ich kann’s nur empfehlen.

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