Things I Wear: Casual Union Jack

I went for a cup of tea with a friend yesterday – a Lolita friend, nevertheless! Finally I found an ally in ruffles in my fairy tale town, and even better yet, she’s also a LARPer (we’re going to camp together at ConQuest, and it’s going to be great). We had great fun (and although it’s time for our annual town festival again the beautifully old café was practically empty), and I truly hope we can do this again sometime.


I’d call this (very) casual classic Lolita. The general silhouette is there (even though I tugged that shirt a bit too low for the pictures so it interfered with the poof – stupid me), and the necklace and the lace blouse under the shirt work wonders. I need a few more high waist belts to wear over shirts and blouses, because this one looks plain weird with my chest most of the time. And the skirt could be a bit tighter at the waist, it sits on my hips and even slips over the petticoat waistbands sometimes which doesn’t really look flattering. Never mind, I like the outfit.



  • lace blouse: Promod
  • t-shirt: H&M, thrifted
  • skirt: selfmade
  • tights: Falke (grey), Primark (elephants)
  • shoes: Danish Duckfeet


  • belt: Orsay
  • earrings: H&M (rose), Accessorize (post box)
  • necklace: heirloom
  • fork bracelet: artisan fair
  • union jack pin: Accessorize
  • hair clip: selfmade
  • bag: thrifted

Thanks to Jules for the pictures!


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