Lolita Challenge: Week 26: Unslumping yourself is not easily done.


How I get out of a wardrobe slump

Wardrobe slumps are mean. That apathy towards a thing you know you were incredibly enthusiastic about some time or the horrible feeling of having fallen out of love with a certain style (or style in general) isn’t nice at all. I’ve actually been in a Lolita slump lately, so I had the opportunity to hands-on practise what I’m about to preach.

As this is a Lolita Challenge, I’ll concentrate on how to get out of a slump in concern of this specific style, but most things on the list are as helpful for any other style slump.

Get inspired

Sources for inspiration:

  • film: Kamikaze Girls, of course, Samantha: An American Girl Holiday, Wreck-It Ralph for Candy Rush inspiration, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and practically everything else made by Tim Burton. There are also various sketches and co-ords inspired by films and series not related to Lolita at all out there, just try and look for them.
  • books, especially illustrated children’s books. A Little Princess and Anne of Green Gables are two of my go-to inspiration sources, with all their make-believe. Also, the Brambly Hedge and Flower Fairies books.
  • anime & manga: Some of Card Captor Sakura‘s battle outfits can easily be used as Lolita inspiration and of course there’s also Paradise Kiss.
  • games: There are dozens of Lolita or anime character dress up games out there, and sometimes JRPGs have Lolita inspired characters, too. Inspiration can be found in the strangest places, though, and maybe you’ll find yourself knee-deep in the plans for a Bioshock or Borderlands themes outfit.
  • old things: Porcelain shepherdesses and old needlepoint can be more inspirational that you’d ever think. You could as well pick out a pretty piece of old-fashioned architecture and try to imagine what you’d wear it you lived in there.
  • fabric: My favourite kind of getting my inspiration back is to hunt for material. Go to a shop that sells fabric or small decorative items that could be used for accessories and the ideas for new outfits will come plenty.
  • pinterest: Well, of course.
  • the outside world: Inspiration can be everywhere, or we wouldn’t have co-ords with plastic dinosaurs (you’ll have to scroll down a little. This is probably my most favourite Lolita outfit ever). It’s in the flowers growing by the wayside, in a carnival on the other side of the river, in the starry night sky, in a shopping basket full of vegetables, in a hot cup of tea, in an oldtimer car passing by, in the innovative lighting of a new building, in the flowing river, everywhere. Really.
Clean out your closet

I already wrote a post on that here. Clean out your Lolita closet, lay everything out on your bed (or clean floor), and look through it. Do you still love everything in there? Are there maybe some pieces you had forgotten about? Sort out things you actually don’t wear anymore, be a bit stricter with yourself that you’d actually like to be. What use does a skirt you once wanted so badly have when it’s just hanging in your closet, gathering dust? When you’re done, make a list of things you need, like new blouses or stockings, and maybe have a little retail therapy. Or…

Get Creative

Get creative whether you need new things or not. Try out new coordinates, try combining the things differently, according to how you feel about them now. Maybe your personal style has evolved, and now you’d actually like a short biker jacket to your JSK instead of a dainty cardigan. Maybe you need boots instead of heels. Maybe you need full hats instead of ribbons. Dare. Do something differently. Don’t be afraid of the judgement of the Lolita community. It’s still better to be in tune with yourself, even if this means you’ll crack or even break a few rules in the progress, than to please everyone and their hamster. Most Lolita communities I know don’t even have a problem if you show off your “inspired” outfits, too. And if all else fails, there’s still chocolate.

Challenge Yourself

Search the web for a clothing challenge (like “this and that theme per week”) and just do it. Take pictures. Show them off somewhere, if you like to. You might have to push yourself at first, but see it as a style training. It’s like a workout, but for your coordinating skills.


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