UFO Friday


I’m knee-deep in preparations for the LARP season at the moment, so the rag rug has to wait a little. I’m painting and sewing and dyeing and stitching, and there’s a surprising lot of yellow going on.

The lampion above is supposed to get a Khokhloma pattern later on, but it was white so I had to prime it with a little arcrylic paint and a lot of water, which went far better than expected.


I also started making a garland for the midsummer party we’re going to have at the ConQuest, in-time. It’s a wonderful scrapbuster, and the only thing I bought for it was the chord, because everything I had here didn’t fall as organically. The yellow strips are leftover from the pants I finished for Scoundrel last week – I wait for him to tie-dye it to take the final pictures, and the white strips are remnants of curtains I’ve made long ago. I also used yellow embroidery yarn and a string of faceted plastic pearls in the hope that they’ll catch a little sunlight (I also love working with stuff I already have to reduce my overall stash).

I’m off now, tending to my guest again – the Northerner is here for a start-of-the-holidays visit, and it’s my turn to cook.
Have a lovely weekend!


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