Things I Wear: Lebensreform Noveau

Lebensreform, die(German, fem.): meaning “life reform”, this late 19th and early 20th century social movement – originating from Germany and Switzerland – took life back outside from the stuffy parlours of Prussia and made vegetarianism, hiking and not wearing corsets a thing. In several, partly absurd ways it’s related to anarchism (yay!), the hippie movement (yay!) and the blood-and-soil idiology idiocy of nationalist morons during the last century (nay.).


We went for a swim, the Northerner, Jules and I, and before that we were watching Warehouse 13 at my place while I was repairing a dress I just got at the thrift store two days ago (it was a bargain and easy to stitch up, so no hard feelings there at all), and then I put it on and made a silly show out of it, and Jules said, ohmigod, it looked so much like Art Nouveau and Lebensreform and everything, so I put a better belt over it and a flower crown in my hair and grabbed my parasol, and then we were good to go.

Outfit Rundown:

  • dress: thrifted
  • belt: Orsay
  • sandals (not in the picture): Sketchers (the comfiest flip-flops I’ve ever worn)

Accessory Rundown:

  • flower crown: Claires’ (love it!)
  • scarab necklace: a gift
  • sunglasses: costume section around Halloween
  • parasol: Lisbeth Dahl

Picture above by Jules. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Things I Wear: Lebensreform Noveau

  1. I adore the whole outfit! I think round glasses look great with Victorian type outfits! Lebensreform sounds like a great movement! I love Warehouse 13, I am kind of sad the series ended, but at least when a series ends, the characters finally get a break and can hopefully live happily ever after, I guess? It seems like most TV characters life is a neverending mass of disaster so we can only hope!

    1. I actually haven’t got to the end of Warehouse 13 yet, I’m pretty easily distracted when it comes to TV series, I fear (once midseason break comes, I tend to forget about them, and every series is linked to a certain kind of mood I have to be in to watch them. It’s a bit complicated). I’m trying to finish it during the summer holidays, though!
      Actually, I’m both sad and glad when the network decides to cut a series off, it prevents the story from getting stretched out and boring. And yes, I guess you’re right, the characters finally get a break, too. ^^

    1. It’s a specific German thing, but I’m rather sure Italy had a similar movement, at least with the whole vegetarism and naturism thing.
      Glad you like the outfit!

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