Halcyon River Days


Yesterday was one of those days whose photographs don’t just ask for filters, they scream for them. The pictures are all a bit overexposed, reminding the viewer of old holiday pictures of their parents and grandparents from the 1970s, because summer didn’t change its light and colours during the last 35 years. Only, in the 70s nobody in theiry sober mind would have thought of taking pictures of their feet because film was just too expensive for that. Great thing this is the digital era.


Friday was the last day of school, and Saturday Jules came over for a pancake breakfast with the Northerner (who’s visiting, I mentioned that before) and me.
It’s really summer here in my fairy tale town, with the asphalt so hot I don’t dare going outside without shoes, plants wilting away as you look at them, days spent watching Eureka with the curtains closed and in nothing but underwear because it’s far too warm to wear anything at all, and night only covered with a thin bedsheet because I still need something to sleep under, even if it’s actually to stuffy for that.
So after that (late) breakfast we went down to the river to go swimming. Before it got hot we had rain, we had storm, and we even had a bit of flood around here. There’s a small brook between two peninsulas at my favourite bathing spot that you normally can cross with a big step, without even getting your ankles wet. One and a half week ago, it was as wide as my bedroom and when I tried to cross it I ended up in water up to my hips. Yesterday, the brook was back to normal.

The river, though, was still running rapidly, up to where it was downright dangerours at some points, and right at the riverbank where we went in it was even hard to keep on your feet. Getting a few meters upstream was an actual physical effort, but it was worth it.
Jules loves just sitting in the river, and this day some spots were just like natural whirpools thanks to the current.


The Northerner had never been in a river before, being a sea shore person, but he liked it well as far as I’m informed. We all went home exhausted but happy, and I hope I’ll do this again this summer. Even if not, this was the perfect first day of my real summer.



2 thoughts on “Halcyon River Days

  1. I ADORE old overexposed/faded photos, they seem nostalgic and dreamy to me! I just want to fall into those photos and live in their world of eternal not-too-hot not-too-cold endless days of leisure and nature!

    Are those poles stepping stone type things across the river? I like crossing the river on stones, although they get slippery and it is a lot more dangerous than it looks! I would love to have a little river with a bridge one day.

    1. Oh, glad you like the pictures! I must admit I just like playing with filters too much ever since I started using Aviary (the tool that comes with using flickr).
      I have no idea what the poles are meant to be, but they are too narrow to be used as comfortable stepping stones. They just were there one day, and the only thing I can guess is that they work as a sort of fence for driftwood and the like so that it won’t clutter the brook that’s behind them. Stepping stones are great, though, there’s just something so adventurous in crossing a river that way!

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