10 Things I ♥ in July


  1. Elegy’s Albino Accord collection. The artwork is great, and I love the tassle detail at the hem. Elegy is a indie Lolita brand with a slightly darker edge from Ohio/USA, and here’s the link to the collection.
  2. Edible Perspective, a foodie blog. I found it because of the author’s great and pretty useful food photography advice, but the recipes look so delicious I might as well stay.
  3. Thingyverse, a 3D printing community. While I don’t design in 3D programs nor do I have access to a 3D printer – which is a shame, though – most designs there are amazing. Hat tip to the Northerner for the link!
  4. Storm. Living in a basin town, heat and stuffy air stays here until a merciful gust of wind of a rain shower drives it out. What I love most are summer storms, in the middle of the night, when the pavement is still warm from the day, and even the raindrops aren’t cold. When the wind starts shaking the trees outside, breaking off smaller branchens and playing with them on the empty streets like it would with tumbleweed, I go outside to the crossroads because the wind has more power there and isn’t hindered by houses, and I open my arms, face skywards, to take in the fresh air and the storm and the rain while my feet remain on the warm asphalt.
  5. These Re-Imaginings of Byzantine Portraits by French artist Antoine Helbert. Byzantine art is a thing I find incredibly fascinating and inspiring, and mixing it with a Winterhalter-esqe style to make the portraist visually more accessible to a modern audience is a wonderful project.
  6. Childhood Lost, an “on-going autobiographical project, self-portraits just in a different body“. Visually the photographs remind me somehow of Woodkid’s Run Boy Run andIron videos (which are already great by themselves). It feels like “post-apokalyptic punk eclecticism meets fantasy golden-age paintings come to life” style, and I appreciate that, very, very much.
  7. The fact that Toby Froud made his own Puppet Film, Lessons Learned (together with Jim Henson’s daughter, no less). And that he works for Laika, and grew up quite a handsome fellow. Oh, sure you know Toby Froud. Remember that baby in the striped pajamas in Labyrinth? That’s him. Never mind that he’s also the son of one of the best fantasy illustrators and character designers ever. Here’s the former Kickstarter page of the project. Also, his company is called Stripey Pajamas Productions. What’s not to love?
  8. Confessions of a Refashionista, a blog by a Canadian living in Berlin. I’m amazed by her trifted, upcycled DIY wardrobe.
  9. The fact that Dante Gabriel Rossetti had a Wombat. That he named after William Morris, no less. Here’s a lovely informal blogpost about this. Don’t hesitate to check out the rest of Pre-Raphernalia, the cartoons are hilarious (thanks to Laura for leading my there via the celebration of Wombat Friday!).
  10. Summer Holidays!

Any thoughts?

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