The Perfect Thrift Find

Thrifting is a strange hobby. If you take it seriously you’ll visit your usual shops at least once a week, and you’ll go through the same pieces as always – tackily plastic 80s blouses, horribly printed and fake-rhinestoned T-shirts, flannel baby bear print bedsheets, cargo skirts that were all the rage fifteen years ago. Sometimes you find something good, like vintage bedsheets or plain ones (I use these for sewing), doilies (also crafting material), plain T-shirts or a skirt that isn’t horrible.
And sometimes you get really lucky.


Actually I only wanted to go to the fabric supply shop on the other side of the hill. The red cross thrift shop is on the way, so I stopped casually to go through the t-shirts in a box outside (“Nope, nope… nope.”) and then turned to take a look at the white tiered skirt with a bit of lace (which proved unsatisfactory). And then I glimpsed something light and airy, in a cordovan hue with flowers printed on it. I took a look at it and fell in love a little bit, and then I decided to let it hang there and first go downhill a few meters and get my fabric, because that actually had the far higher priority.


When I came back twenty minutes later the dress was still there, so I tried it on, and it fit well enough, so I took it home.


It’s a bit like the dress from my last outfit post, but more airy and made of lightweight cotton muslin. Not only is it perfect for the hot weather we’re facing here at the moment, it also goes very well with several of my other favourite thrift finds.

Have you had any extraordinary luck thrifting lately?


7 thoughts on “The Perfect Thrift Find

  1. Oh it’s gorgeous! It actually reminds me of a skirt I found at a fleamarket once a bit, with the colour, pattern and dangling bells :)

    1. Yes, it’s a style that was rather popular during the 70s, of course, but also up to the early 90s. My mother has a skirt with similar bells, too.

  2. Wow, that is so perfect! It definitely has a bit of a Gypsy/ “peasant” style, looks old European and perfect for running around in forests! It is such a great colour, and I love the little bells! I am glad it found you! I love going to second hand shops too! Unfortunately a lot now throw out anything that is a little damaged, which are often the nicest old things! But the occasional gem makes it all worth it! I am also now on the lookout for plain things that fit me well that I am subject to my faery sewing adaptations!

    1. Aww, I love how you say that it actually found me! I like to think of things that way, that they find us rather than we find them.
      I’m really looking forward to your next wardrobe expansion. I think I’ll build at least a part of my autumn and winter wardrobe around my last few thrifting finds, they fit in my fairy tale town so well.

  3. I also love the little bells. <3
    When I was in Gothenburg in May, we went to some thrift shops and I was extremely lucky: Now I own a dress made of silk and the most comfy, perfect leather boots that come with me wherever I go lately. I love thrift shops!

  4. So beautiful! I got a similar one from my grandount (it was hers) and I love it but it bloods a lot when washed, sigh!
    In Italy we have few thrift shops and they cost a lot, if you want to thrift you have to go to open air markets, were there are themed stalls (even if they don’t say they sell used stuff…used clothing is still not saw so well here, I think). But often the hygienic conditions of the pieces aren’t so good.

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