UFO Friday


This is the eighth UFO Friday already. I never thought a weekly thing could make it so long around here, honestly, but I’m glad it did so far.

Now that the summer holidays are finally here I have enough time on my hands for all the projects I want to finish until the first August weekend in time for ConQuest. I already finished two projects (I’ll show at least one of them before I’m off to battle), and a few others are in the making.
I painted…


… and I’ve done a lot of hand stitching during the last 24 hours.


The hand stitching is for this: A (slightly altered) London hood.


And there’s also a bit of freshly tinted fabric for a non-LARP project that might or might not make another appearance soon.


Oh, and the rag rug is doing just fine, too. Of course it has gotten a little less attention lately, but I still managed to try a bit of colour blocking. But as much as I love that green (isn’t it beautiful?) I think I’m going back to chaotic colours again. Just for the record, it’s at 82cm now.


Have a great weekend! ♥


2 thoughts on “UFO Friday

  1. Wow! Everything is looking great! The vine is looking very happy and alive, the bit of the painting I can see looks great, the hood is amazing! I might have to think about making a hood on its own without a jacket, it looks really cool!

    Loooks like you are wearing that dress from your last post too! It suits you!

  2. Da ist aber jemand fleißig ;)

    Die Kapuze sieht toll aus, hast du den Schnitt selbst erstellt? Ich stelle mir das Teil mit anderer Stoffwahl irgendwie perfekt vor, um kapuzenlose Jacken herbst- bzw wintertauglich zu machen.

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