Lolita Challgenge: Week 27: Purses that I love

Purses that I love

The bags I like can roughly be divided in three groups: Totes & Practical, Pretty & Dainty and Whimsical & Weird.

Totes & Practical Bags

Handmade Messenger Bag

From ammaciyo on Etsy.

This kind of bag is one of my all-time favourites, inside Lolita and out. There’s lots of space in it, and I just love the look of weathered leather. Old-school school bags will do perfectly fine, too. I also love this cylindrical bag from ammaciyo, it reminds me of old botanist’s containers.

One Way in Type

One way ticket bag in Type by modcloth

As far as totes go I’m a big fan of solid-coloured screen prints. Good examples from Lolita brands would be Angelic Pretty‘s Melty Chocolate and Star Night Theatre totes.

Royal Scotch Tote ETC

Royal Scotch Tote from Emily Temple Cute

With totes, retro patterns and prints are one of my favourites, too. Take the one above, for example. It has that weird Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Pleasantville vibe, it hints on beach carnivals and curious little shops. I even like the other colourway, even though most people would probably like to sue the company for ever designing something like that. Other examples for retro prints I like would be Image Livre or the Chocolate Box bag (even though I’m not a fan of the format). See how all of these are from Emily Temple Cute? I’m noticing a pattern here (okay, I’m just a really big fan of their prints).

Pretty & Dainty

Jane Marple

Royal Initial Pochette by Jane Marple

Let’s start with the easy ones: Pillbox bags. I’m a big fan of the shape, for obvious reasons. It looks quite refined, no matter how you decorate it, but there are quite some possibilities to it. There’s the obvious clock face choice, done by several brands and DIYers alike, but there’s always the choice to just slap on some bunny ears (bag from C&A) and make it a little bit more whimsical.

Victorian evening purse

Victorian Evening Purse sold here on eBay

Next up is the “dainty” part. Think Victorian purses, reticules, chatelaines, the like. Thrifted, found in antique shops or discovered in attics are best, but some Lolita shops sell something similar, too. Two examples would be Surface Spell and Exentrique, or Juliette et Justine for something a little more strange (but I really do like the shape). My problem with this sort of pochette is the size: In a bag I take with me when I’m out and about there should be enough space for a small bottle of water, my mobile phone, a pen, my wallet, a small make-up bag, and probably a soft-cover book. Carpet bags make a good alternative here. The most beautiful specimen of these I’ve seen here so far.

Whimsical & Weird

Lost in the Apothecary

Elusive Edition Bag, sadly sold out on modcloth

This is by far the largest category. I have no idea what it is with me and weird bags, honestly.

Now, AP’s French Biscuit bag is still on the reasonable side. As is Jane Marple‘s Violin Bag that I like far better than the (more toned down and more famous) Innocent World interpretation. Jane Marple also has this cute Double Decker Bag, which would be adorable in combination with a London-themed outfit.
Book bags as depicted above used to be a really big thing in Lolita at some point. I must admit that I find modcloth’s version prettier that everything I’ve seen so far from any Lolita brands, but these here on Taobao are quite nice, too.

So, what’s weird about that?, you’ll ask now. Book bags are quite common, and nothing else you’ve shown so far is actually that much out-of-the-usual.

Well. There is my strange obsession with candy-shaped bags, for example. There’s the rather docile Angelic Pretty version, but there are things like Jane Marple, too (although I think the “wrapper design” could be a bit more complex), and considering my personal style of Lolita this might be a bit weird already.
Then there’s Melty Moon, especially in yellow, which some people would deem an abomination all by itself, but which I find awesome because of its surrealist tendencies. Baby, the Stars shine bright‘s Dollhouse Bag might be a bit off, too, but I think it’s just darling (can I get something like this with the gingerbread frame houses of my own town?).

Oh, and of course there’s my probably biggest style sin regarding Lolita ever. Because I actually like Angelic Pretty‘s Honey Cake Bag.
I remember a lot of commotion on Lolita Secrets back when it came out, but it’s just so sweet, literally! Nobody seems to care anymore, though, so everything is fine.

As far as my personal wardrobe plans go I’ll probably add a biscuit-themed bag sooner or later, a candy-shaped one for the whimsicality of it, and maybe something along the lines of a carpet bag. One thing, though, I can’t do without, and that’s shoulder straps. I hate having only one of my hands free when going out. I’m not a handbags girl, and bags that are hard and space-intensive to store aren’t for me, so I’ll stick with practicality in this regard.

What are your conditions for the bags you use? Do you have any favourites?


One thought on “Lolita Challgenge: Week 27: Purses that I love

  1. Cute bags! I like bags that have an interesting print or applique although I haven’t got any at the moment. The main thing I need for my bag is for it to be big enough to fit a small waterbottle, small umbrella, paperback, wallet and phone. But not too big and unwieldy either. I like “bag of holding” type bags that seem small but can have a lot jammed inside.

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