UFO Friday

After I missed out on UFO Friday last week I was adamantly set to bring it back this week!

I’m at my father’s place at the moment, so I can’t tell you anything about the rug except that it grows. I’d say… about 10cm since I came back from ConQuest? Yet I haven’t given up my resolution to sew and make more. During the very goal-oriented sewing shortly before ConQuest I noticed how much fun driven work can be, and how much I could do in such short time. So when I didn’t come to sew a skirt I wanted to take with me in time I decided to just take the fabric with me and sew at my father’s place when I had the time.


I had this fabric lying around for ages. Now it finally found a purpose!


My sewing machine is at home, of course, so I’ve got to work with my hands only. The 7.5m of the ruffle were a hard piece of work to seam, but I’m quite proud of myself for not giving up on it.


I also have only six fixing pins here, so I had to improvise with the ruffle for a bit…

But I’m glad to report that so far everything went well and the ruffle is firmly attached to the rest of the skirt by now. It’s not done yet, though, and I’m not quite sure I’ll finish it before I go home again, but I hope I do (otherwise sewing by hand all the time will seem quite pointless to me in hindsight…).

Have a lovely weekend! ♥


3 thoughts on “UFO Friday

    1. Noch gar nicht, ich bin dann doch lieber ins Museum gegangen als weiterzunähen. ^^
      Aber vielleicht wird er Ende der Woche fertig, immerhin muss bis dahin auch meine Hausarbeit fertig sein.

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