10 Things I ♥ in August


Frankfurt/Main via Map Stack

  1. Map Stack by Stamen, a wonderous tool to make beautiful map art out of coordinates and satellite pictures. Here’s the studio’s post about the updated version (this being the old, simple one, which is pretty nice, too), showing a few examples of what you can do with it.
  2. The Art of Chiara Bautista. I love how each of her works tells a story by itself, and how they just pull me in. Here’s an article about her, and here’s her facebook page.
  3. The Unknown Jester, Rima Staines’ latest (published-on-her-blog, at least) project. Having known the privilege to partially grow up in a marionette theatre as a little kid and poring over the question how to make a puppet video with as little budget as possible at the moment I’ve always been fascinated by puppetry. There’s something mesmerizing about the movements of a pile of cloth and strings and sticks and wood that come to life all of a sudden, somewhere between marvellous and terrifying. You can see Rima’s beautiful jester and his making at her blog, here.
  4. The Idea of Swimming with Fins. Back when I was little and had finally learned to swim I used to wrap my hair elastic around my ankles and tried to swim like a mermaid, only with hands and, well, a tail, sort of. Of course only in shallow waters, and of course it wouldn’t work so well. Now that mermaids at ren fairs and in photo sets are a much more common sight I’m intrigued again by the idea of using a monofin to swim, to be a creature of the deep for once, with hair like seaweed and eyes like copper pieces at the bottom of a well. (If you want some fins to look at and pine over, I’d recommend The Mertailor.)
  5. How To Train Your Dragon OST. Yes, the first one. I still haven’t gotten to see the second one yet, and the only original language screenings were when I was at ConQuest. Such a shame. Anyway, the soundtrack of the first one is still great. It’s practically the only thing I can listen to all the time at the moment, while other things go on my nerves pretty easily.
  6. Taking a hot shower when it rains or storm outside.
  7. Leggings. Back in the 90s, when I was a kid, I loved leggings. Then, when they came back in style in the late noughties and early 10s, I found them horrible. Leggings are not meant to be worn as pants, at least not without anything that covers your hips (read: tunics and shirts that qualify as very short dresses). Maybe in the gymn, okay, but not on the street. But now, in the middle 10s, I’ve got to admit that they’ve got a right to exist, actually. They are so much more comfy than tights. They are definitely not see-through when they aren’t meant to be. And they make perfect sitting-at-home-in-front-of-the-computer-doing-nothing-watching-comfort-anime wear.
  8. 聖☆おにいさん/Saint Young Men. Both movie and OVA (and manga, but I haven’t read those yet) might be called blasphemous by others, but I think the idea and story of Buddha and Jesus Christ sharing a flat and having adventures together is not only hilarious, but also incredibly cute. They are such relatable characters, and I never thought I’d say that about either one of them. If you like genuinely sweet and serene anime, be sure to give it a try.
  9. The multi-tool hairclip. This thing is going viral at the moment, and rightly so. When I was a little girl (or an older one but still with unfelted hair) I would have loved it to pieces. It’s really clever, and it’s a multi-tool clearly aimed at girls which I have never seen before. Awesome.
  10. Every Noise at Once, a tool that maps out music genres and artists. Perfect for people like me who just can’t get certain songs or bands out of their head and want similar things. Or something completely new. In a graphically pleasing way. (hat tip to the Northerner)

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