Favourite Words in August


  1. ignite/reignite. Verb, English. Ultimately derived from Latin ignis, “fire”. A very powerful word.
  2. glitter. Noun, English. Sparklies. “Glitter” even sounds glittery, sort of rectangular and small and metallic and falling down.
  3. festoon. Noun, English. A garland, something to decorate a room with, that hangs loosely from two (or more) spots.
  4. mademoiselle. Courtesy title, French. A contraction of ma demoiselle, “my little lady”. Yes, there are a lot of people who have problems with special titles for unmarried women. I don’t. I like it. Also, my grandmother used to call me “Mademäusele”, which is a (very rough, not in the least correct) germanification of the title and has a diminutive for the German word for mouse in it.
  5. irie. Adjective, Jamaican Patois. From English all right, means good, happy, in a state of bliss.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Words in August

  1. Mit “Fräulein” im Deutschen habe ich persönlich schon ein Problem, meistens finde ich es ziemlich herabsetzend, so angeredet zu werden. “Mademoiselle” ist da für mich eine ganz andere Liga, weil es wunderschön klingt und absolut charmant wirkt. ;)

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