Autumn Wardrobe Manifesto

It’s getting cold outside.
It’s only late Summer, but it already feels like I should be turning on the heat.

And the cold, the rain – autumn! – means a wardrobe change. Cozies. Wool. Dark colours.

Less fairy, more goblin. Less light, more darkness.

This will by no means hinder me to wear pastel sweet Lolita at times, or to run around in my favourite harem pants. But the world around me changes with the seasons, and so do I, I shed my summer skin for winter fur. I’ll travel back a bit, to my gothier days, I’ll snatch coats and hoods in the changing rooms of Jareth’s goblin subjects, I’ll steal the crown collection of a unseelie faerie prince in the middle of the night, I’ll pull dragon claws and linnorm teeth to make them into baubles, I’ll earn my witches hat, the tassels on my coat, the layers of fabric.

Bit by bit.

And actually I’m glad the cold comes so early this year.
This means it will stay longer.

Days of writing and painting on the window sill, with thick, woolen socks on my feet and a big, floofy hood around my locks, mugs of steaming hot tea while the raindrops run down the windowpane, long walks outside while it storms.

And I’ll be ready.

I’ll be fine.

And I’ll look great.

I’ll just trust my instincts. And I’ll make and sew and upcycle and refashion and do so many new things and go back to some old things, and I’ll have the greatest of times, because hell?, why shouldn’t I.

Because I’m a witch from the urban woodlands.

I’m the goblin princess.

I’m myself.

And that’s just as right for me as it gets.

 ~ ~ ~

I get now why people are so much more active on tumblr than on their regular blogs (if they have one, that is). I used to be upset when I realised that a blogger I was a fan of stopped blogging regularly (or at all), but still remained rather active on tumblr. I think I understand that now, or at least I understand it better.
Here I usually want my posts to be polished and pretty, and on tumblr I simply smash text and/or pictures into the aethernet as long as they are not too bad, and of course I reblog, and the responses come faster and in tiny, ♥-shaped bits. It’s far quicker and more fleeting than a regular blogging life. The different kinds of social networks and social network use are incredibly fascinating to me, I must admit. Of course I’ll keep this blog – tumblr could never satisfy my needs for long posts with well-placed, finished pictures. The main reason I’m rambling about this now is that the text above was first posted on tumblr when I wasn’t sure yet if I liked it well enough. Because that’s what the faint short-term memory of tumblr is good for, too, just testing things. Rambling. Told you.

Also, I like hashtags. #badgirl #shameonme

Do you maintain a tumblr? And in which way do you use your different networks? And what do your wardrobe plans for this Autumn and Winter look like?


2 thoughts on “Autumn Wardrobe Manifesto

  1. Ich muss dir in doppelter Hinsicht für deinen Post danken. Einmal dafür, dass du dein Konzept mit einem ‘ordentlichen’ wordpress-Blog und einem ‘unordentlichen’ tumblr-Blog vorstellst. Für meinen Blog grübele ich schon länger über diesen Spagat nach, und du hast hier eine Lösung präsentiert, die ich für mich gerne auch ausprobieren möchte.

    Mein zweiter Dank gilt dir dafür, dass du deinen obigen Text hier teilst. Er bringt etwas in mir zum Klingen, was ich schon beinahe vergessen hatte.

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