Lolita Challenge: Week 28: Bloomers or no bloomers?

 Bloomers or no bloomers?



When in doubt, bloomers.

Not only do they come in handy when a gust of wind or a very impolite person decides they want to know what’s under that poofy skirt of yours, they also make excellent, comfy-cute homewear and can be worn for Coppelius or Emilie Autumn concerts.


I made the bloomers above last week, and my father dropped by during the process. It went about like this:

Him: What’s that you’re sewing?
Me: Hm… shorts. Sort of.Him: They look gigantic. Like a tent.
Me: They’re not finished yet.
Him: Who’s supposed to wear them? An elephant?


Well, at least he didn’t say something along the lines of “you’re not that fat”, anyway, I’m happy with them. They also used up a bit of fabric I hadn’t assigned for any other project, and a few applications I had saved from a pair of pants I had to let go of, and a bit of embroidery floss and gold trim. I went for a Dolly Kei inspired look, so they can be worn on their own without a skirt without any problems. I already did that, actually, yesterday for my band session.


4 thoughts on “Lolita Challenge: Week 28: Bloomers or no bloomers?

  1. Kommtenar meiner Mutter zu meinen Bloomers: “Damit gehst du aber nicht aus dem Haus, oder?” Dabei war ich so stolz auf mein erstes hosenähnliches Nähwerk.^^

    Die Applikationen auf deinem Exemplar sehen zuckersüß aus!

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