10 Things I ♥ in September


  1. Reignite, a tribute song for Mass Effect by Malukah. One of my fellow ex-Akata from this year’s ConQuest posted it on Facebook after the events in the mirror world, and it just fits so well and is so very beautiful.
  2. The woods surrounding my town turning into gold. It will still be a while until the trees turn completely yellow and orange, but I can see the first yellow leaves on the trees outside my window. The light outside softens and while it’s getting colder, everything looks warmer.
  3. Life’s Sweet Essentials, a wonderful japanophile/Lolita/DIY blog.
  4. While everybody and their hamster are freaking out about pumpkin spiced latte at the moment – either because they love it or because they hate it or because they hate the people who love it (there’s a nice post about pretty much that here on mookychick)- I’m just really happy that mulled wine-flavoured tea is back in my local supermarket’s racks.
  5. Wear The Wild Things Are, a wonderful pattern on Ravelry inspired by Maurice Sendak’s timeless book of nearly the same name.
  6. Myself. I tend to forget that, and I have to remind myself from time to time, but I’m pretty awesome and cute and badass and lovable. What time better to get this back into my head than my birth month?
  7. I love this design concept for egg-shaped burial pods and memory parks. Can I get chestnut or oak, please? (hat tip to the Northerner for sharing the link)
  8. The fact that you can press LPs on discarded x-rays (read about it here).
  9. The world starting to smell like autumn.
  10. Caring. I’m sitting on a bed right now, tripsitting a friend through her after-OP sedation slumber, and it just feels so nice being there for someone. It’s also nice being cared for when I’m sick myself, and I think everyone should have more reading-out-loud sessions, pots of tea, snuggling, adventures and blanket ford building together.


Any thoughts?

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