Troubled But Cute

I’ve been sick these last few days – something I just didn’t really allow my body to cure thoroughly and now get the kickback for – but I’m rather glad it came during the holidays and not during the semester.


Being sick is also the reason why I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. It’s funny: I read a lot of blogs that update about one or twice a month, or even more rarely (and I’m okay with it, because people tend to have lives outside the internet, too), but I myself think it has been ages since my last post when there are three days inbetween.

Well, spending a few days in bed only leaving to house to stock up on cookies doesn’t generate much content. I sincerely hope that the rest of my holidays – there are ten days still left – will, though. I’m going to my mother’s tomorrow, and the Shire is just beautiful during the season, so expect pictures of that. Afterwards I’ll be off North for a few days, visiting the Northerner in his new place, finally breathing salty sea air again, watching seagulls and jellyfish at the harbour. And after that it will be only one day, and then I’ll be sitting in my institute’s theatre again, trying to figure out which of the students around me are freshmen and scanning the crowd for familiar faces during the welcome-back speech of the director of the archaeological institute.


I’m back to drinking tea now (good thing the mulled wine infusion comes in big boxes), doing small crafty stuff that doesn’t require much equipment and none of it loud and binge-watching Haven, my new current favourite show (I love everything about it, but then again, SyFy Original never disappointed me so far). I’ll see you tomorrow for UFO Friday. ♣


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