UFO Saturday – Again

Well, in my defense, I didn’t have any web access yesterday. As mentioned before I’m in the Shire at the moment, trying to reduce the amount of stuff I still have at my mother’s place (a neverending WIP itself) and looking into ways of refashioning piles of outworn black t-shirts and really unpretty sweaters. But as I guess you all know what stacks of black jersey look like I decided to show you the things I’m working on at home instead.


Also an attempt to reduce my crafting stash and a great excuse to use a glue gun (and burn my finger tips in the progress, of course), I call this line of projects Müllbarock (Noun, mask., German: waste baroque). The idea is to buy nothing, to just hot-glue everything onto something else (old picture frames, in this case), and to smother/drown it in paint. I started with a black prime coat, but by now the golden overcoat should have dried properly and be ready for patination when I come home.


In the rush of these first two projects – maybe I was just high from the glue fumes – I decided to make something else: A Müllbarock crown.


It’s the first time in ages that I just build something for the sake of creating it, without any real purpose. Art for the sake of art. I plan on using copper paint on this one, but I’ll see when I’m back in my studio.
Jules was smitten by the whole concept and decided to take on his own Müllbarock projects once he has settled in his new place (still not far from mine, gladly), I’m really looking forward to this.
I remember reading about a film project back when I was a child, where the whole set was basically made this way. Practically everything can look classy with the right amount and kind of gold paint. I think in a way this style is – for me – not only a way to reuse and upcycle things, but also a symbol for a society were this just doesn’t happen often enough. The English translation comes in rather handy for this: The “waste” in “waste baroque” can be interpreted as “rubbish, things that have been thrown away” (as suggested in the German name), or as “wasting things, being lavish and unthrifty”. I didn’t invent the whole thing (as noted above, I’ve seen similar things before), this is just my interpreation of the idea.

Have a great weekend, everyone! ♥


5 thoughts on “UFO Saturday – Again

  1. Oh this is actually a wonderful idea! I might need to steal this somewhere in the future and to some Müllbarock myself. I’m always collecting random stuff I plan to use somewhere, sometime, but the idea of just bringing it together with a new colour (paint job) is new.. and exciting :D I’ll remember that!

    1. Danke! Bei der Krone habe ich tatsächlich mehr genäht als geheißklebert, aber bei den Rahmen könnte es mit Pattex (oder einem anderen eher zähflüssigen Kleber) noch gehen. Bei allem anderen hast du vermutlich recht, und es würde nerven. ^^

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