UFO Friday

Hey, look at that, it’s on a Friday again, actually!

I’m in the North right now, in the Northerner’s new place, cinderelling away the aftereffects of a very amusing night in his old place (his former flatmate called earlier in the evening and we wound up there with a charming array of people).

A week ago I was at my mother’s place, and there I’m usually quite a bit more productive than I am at home (I blame it on the slow web connection). Remember that stack of old black shirts I mentioned in last week’s UFO Saturday? It’s over and done with, but here’s the material:


As soon as I get a hold of Jules, you’ll see the result (these remarks keep piling up, don’t they? Cheech.). The shirt at the bottom is a souvenir from Paris ten years ago, printed with Steinlen’s Chat Noir. I couldn’t possibly ruin that print, so right now it’s tucked away in my parka’s chest pocket, waiting for me to sew it on as a back patch on my way back south.


The Northerner and I had a really illuminating discussion on the ethics of DIY based on a – at least in the German DIY scene – critically received column post I read. Illuminating mainly because sometimes you need to speak passionately about a topic to explore your own opinion and feelings on the matter further. I’ll be back on this next week, I hope, as it would surely go beyond the scope of this post.
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I recycled an old towel that was waiting for a new purpose in my Shire fabric box (where a lot of old household textiles and clothes end up because I’m always sure that “they could be of use someday”) together with a few meters of leftover bias tape in a colour I never sew in as well as yarn in colours I’ll probably never use, too, into a more environmentally friendly alternative to dish sponges. I’m trying harder to get rid of the overabundance of plastic in my everyday life, and as soon as the dish… thingies have been thrown in with my next tie-dye project (to make them a little less stainable) they’ll be ready to use.


And last but not least I’ve been working on some clip-in dreads. They need a bit of additional felting to keep their shape, but otherwise this wooly cord from the deco store is just perfect for the task.

I hope you all have a great time this weekend, and I’ll see you in a few days. ♥


Any thoughts?

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