It’s been quite a while since I actually posted a finished project here – I blame the weather that I can’t go and take pictures of the rag rug, though.
Anyway, Jules moved recently (a few minutes more of a walk from my place, but still rather close, luckily), and he decided to have a Petersburg hanging of pictures and ornate box lids in his new room. To help him with this special narrow array I thought I could supply him with a piece or two, which resulted in this:


They are horrible. Kitschy. Tacky. Awful. They were so much fun to make, and Jules loves them.
Let’s have a closer look.


I used my favourite gold acrylic from Nerchau on the black undercoat and then slathered the whole thing with crackling varnish cream. I honestly love working with this stuff, the effect is just too precious.



The pictures in the frames are from a Victoriana calendar from the 90s I found in the book swapping board at the supermarket. I took it with me to use the pages as gift wrapping paper, but these putti were exactly right for this project, too.


I decided for the pictures to be embellished according to the same principle as the frames, with things I had just cluttering my crafting stash. In hindsight it would have been smarter to just sew the earring on instead of actually piercing the putto, but I guess it will hold up anyway.


The rose used to be an earring. As I never wear actual pairs of earrings I always have leftovers, perfect for this project.



I love what the three (actually four) layers of paint have done with the trim I used for the sides of the frame. It looks like some sort of metalwork now.


The teapot is another earring, and one of my favourite parts of the project.


My actual favourite part of the frames is this putto. It used to sit on an ornamental wine cork once that broke and that I rescued from the bin I never knew what to do with it but though it too ornamental just to throw it away. Now its time has come, and it resides on a gilded snail-shell guarding its brethren.


The necklace in this picture is very fine wire, the sort that the nets over champagne corks are made of. When Scoundrel was a child he used to unravel these nets and keep the wire in his treasures, and a few years ago he gave me two tiny boxes filled with these golden threads.
As for the mustaches, Jules loves them, and it would have been wrong not to paint them on.


I love working with roccaille beads. The lilies were so much fun, and something had to be done with them, after all.

All in all, working with mixed media was tremendous fun. I’m looking forward to finishing my crown project soon, and after that… we’ll see.


6 thoughts on “Müllbarock

  1. I am so impressed with how much work and love for detail you put into this. Can’t wait to see them in real life. I mean, it’s baroque, but it’s still made from waste, so I got to love it.

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