10 Things I ♥ in October


  1. Plastic-Free Grocery Trips. Because they feel like such an accomplishment every time.
  2. The Dandy Portraits, the blog of authoress and photographer Rose Callahan.
  3. Miniatures by ChocolateDecadence on deviantArt.
  4. Black Sails, my current go-to-while-crafting series. If you don’t know it yet, it’s a prequel to Treasure Island set in the early 18th century West Indies definitely worth having a look at. The title sequence alone is amazing.
  5. The Fog that has returned to our little fairy tale town and that shrouds the church spires and the castle and the Rapunzel’s tower that only appears as a faint silhouette on the sylvan hills that surround us.
  6. The Cigarette Duet by Princess Chelsea. I’m late to the party as always, but I can’t get the tune out of my head since I discovered it last week. One of my best friends is in the process of quitting his smoking habit (that was actually an addiction – as soon as you think you’ve got to get out of bed in the middle of the night to get a smoke you should consider lowering your nicotine intake), so this was a fairly present issue in my mind lately, anyway, and I like the song for its music, too.
  7. Hedgespoken, Rima Staines’ new mobile stage-home project. In a world where the magic slips away unnoticed we need off-grid projects like this (and I love the visuals of their vagabond crew and the lorry). Read her blog post about the project here, the project blog here and help funding it here.
  8. NaNoWriMo Preparation. For this year I prepare with prompts, mainly from these two sites. The first one’s actually meant to be done over the whole month of October, but I don’t mind doing more than one on one day. I also start thinking about fast-yet-healthy food for November… We’ll see.
  9. Tuned Wind Chimes. My mother gave me one for my birthday that now hangs by my spice rack, and it sounds just so wonderful. It’s a Sunray from zaphir, by the way.
  10. The fact that I can actually find ten things I love each and every month. No matter how complicated things are sometimes.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in October

  1. Black Sails wurde mir letztens schon mal empfohlen und klang für mich sehr interessant, wenn du sie hier ebenfalls auflistest, sollte ich wohl wirklich mal reinschauen. :)

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