Only Two More Nights To Go

Oooh, my fingers are itching to start typing at last! I’ll try not to let NaNo interfere with my social and academical life too much – but I won’t promise not to write during not-so-interesting lectures. And on the train to my band sessions. And at the cafeteria.

However, because I always found it useful to have the expectation of as many people as possible, I decided to share my cover and blurb with you.


While a stuffy middle and upper class sits in their parlors sipping tea, Hester Wren and her family of Rooftoppers run around over their heads, living off the waste said classes produce so carelessly. And while the bodies pile up, friends leave and strangers arrive, a storm is brewing on the horizon, threatening to tear apart the world on top of the city.

I have to admit that I’m a little bit in love with my own cover. The photos were taken here in my fairy tale town as well as the place where we have our band sessions. The chalkboard background is from here, and the fonts I used are Road Movie and Serial Publication. I might have to change a few things (or write a few mails) once I finish the novel and put it out under a CC licence (because that’s what I plan on doing with it in the end), but for now I love it just how it is.

How are your preparations for NaNo going? Have you gotten yourself a cover already?

I’m so looking forward to this!


8 thoughts on “Only Two More Nights To Go

  1. What a fantastic cover! Mine never have covers because I am not good at cover making! Looks like you added me, thanks! I still haven’t worked out how to add anyone! good luck! I started today but haven’t made my target for the day! It is insanely hot here!

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