Autumn Cleaning


With Halloween behind us we crossed the threshold into the winter realm, but it is not yet too cold to get this done. Other people spring clean (all right, I do that, too, but in spring I’d rather do like Mole in The Wind in the Willows and go outside and have adventures). I like Autumn cleaning much better, because after all I’ll be spending a good part of my day inside for the next few months.
Here are a few things I noticed so far (besides the usual vacuuming and dusting) and that I can recommend:

  • clean windows let in more light during the dark seasons. Old newspaper pages clean just as well as chemical cleaners, and they are more environmentally friendly and are plastic-free.
  • air out your blankets and mattress one last time before the real cold comes. You’ll be glad when your dust mite allergy kicks in later rather than sooner.
  • check up on draughty windows and doors. Make draught stoppers from old socks sewn together and stuffed with leftover fabric rags.
  • If you don’t have isolation behind your radiators, now’s the time. Just put a sheet of aluminum foil against the wall behind the radiator and fix it with a bit of tape (if you’re a renter, make sure the tape actually comes off again without taking the wallpaper or paint with it).
  • stock up on your favourite tea, and maybe on rice and/or pasta. And snackable food. And vegetables, storable ones. Winter is a good time for stockpiling. Just think of the Brambly Hedge illustrations, and how cozy they look!
  • throw stuff out. Better get rid of things you don’t need now than being annoyed by them in winter when you spend most of your time inside. Sell, donate, gift, put out a box with a “take me with you” tag. If everything fails, recycle.
  • check you winter clothing for tears and missing buttons if you haven’t yet. When the frost hits you’ll be ready for it.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Cleaning

    1. Oh, I just hope we get a decent amount of snow again this year (last year was mostly really cold rain). If I make it to Australia one day, maybe you could come and visit Germany, too, in Autumn or Winter. :)
      Btw., did you get my e-mail with the NaNo buddy screenshot thing?

  1. Reblogged this on projektkatharsis and commented:
    Hey there! Today, I would like to share some really good input by the Lioness on how to get through the dark season. I find this post to be an exceedingly useful roundup of tips, so maybe you can put some of them into practice. See you soon!

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