UFO Saturday


While my biggest UFO at the moment is my NaNo novel, I’m working on other things, too. One of them is making a thrift store blazer into a vest for casual Steampunk endeavours. My main problem at the moment are the buttons – I can’t find any that suit my needs around town, so I might have to go with fabric buttons (but what fabric to choose?). The buttons in the picture were a gift from the thrift store lady, and I love those yellow glass ones. The oval brass button reminds me of a dragon egg, though.

What bugs me most at the moment is when I miss the few good hours of daylight for taking pictures which I do rather often, so please forgive me when the pictures aren’t as well-lit as usual.


NaNoWriMo is going well, by the way. I put the 1667 words into my Habit RPG dailies, and I’m rather close to 15k by now.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! ♥


One thought on “UFO Saturday

  1. Those are gorgeous buttons!

    My NaNo isn’t doing too well thanks to being sick near the start. I am working on my current novel for it, which I am working on anyway, so I am not too worried as I know I have to finish it eventually It also does make it a bit harder as I am constantly changing and rewriting bits!

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