UFO Friday


Even though the topic of my presentation for next Tuesday is highly interesting from an archaeological point of view as well as a sociocultural one it definitely held me back from working on my private projects this week.


It couldn’t keep me from writing, though. I finally made 25k today, that’s half of the final goal (yay me)!
There were moments this week when I just wanted to throw the whole thing out of the window, figuratively. The plot didn’t want to do what it was supposed to, the characters felt all wrong and the stagnation was positively killing me. Horrible, really. But I wrote it off, and today’s progress was entirely made on the train to the shire. Tomorrow will be a busy day, I hope I’ll snap a few pictures in the process.

Have a wonderful weekend, all of you. ♥


4 thoughts on “UFO Friday

    1. Das Gräberfeld von Neckarsulm. Superspannend, weil es aus der Urnenfelderzeit kommt, aber nur aus Körperbestattungen besteht und ausschließlich Männer mit durchschnittlich echt wenig Beigaben da liegen.

Any thoughts?

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