UFO Friday


Besides finally *ahem* falling behind on NaNo (no picture of that necessary) I’ve been working on my sustainability skills. While I was visiting my mother down in the Shire I made my first steps in making my own hazelnut milk! Being lactose intolerant I usually resort to crop milks which are not available in something other than tetra paks. So when I finally had some time on my hands I decided to try and make my own.I gathered about ¼ of the hazelnuts used  myself, but the rest were leftovers my mother had still around.


I made about two litres, my mother keeping one half of it and me taking the rest back home with me. I already tried it for my cocoa this morning, it’s really neat.


We used the hazelnut pulp that was left in the process for ginger bread, too, so I can say the nuts were put to good use.


I also went to gather apples on Sunday, but that is content for another post.

Have the best of weekends yet! ♥


7 thoughts on “UFO Friday

  1. Mmm hazlenut milk and gingerbread sounds delicious! I think I am slightly lactose intolerant, milkshakes make me queasy. I try not to have too much milky stuff!

    I am sooo far behind in Nano now. We just have to look at what we have achieved as a positive thing!

  2. Ari,
    Is there anything you cannot do? Yous are so very gifted, Ari. I admire you, so. Best wishes, to you and your loved ones. Do well and be well, always.
    Misha James

  3. Ich ärgere mich auch immer darüber, Pflanzenmilch nur in Tetrapacks zu bekommen. Wie viele Haselnüsse hast du denn für die zwei Liter Milch benötigt? Eine Freundin von mir meinte irgendwann mal, da wäre sehr viel Schwund dabei.

    1. Pro Liter Wasser 100g Nüsse, das geht, finde ich. Plus bisschen Zucker. Wenn man die Milch allerdings haltbar machen will, trennt sie sich beim Erhitzen (kann man aber bei Gebrauch wieder zusammenschütteln).

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