Lolita Challenge: Week 30 – 32: What’s a complete Wardrobe?, Impulse Buys and Great Deals

 How long it took me to build a complete wardrobe

I have no idea what this “complete wardrobe” is that they are talking about. Which is why I merged this post with the next one:

Impulse buys that were totally worth it

I seldom impulse-buy when it comes to Lolita. Or fashion in general. Except when in second hand shops or TKmaxx, because when it’s gone there, well, it’s gone. Which brings us to the next question, actually:

My best deal

My best deals were definitely these two items from different thrift shops:


The grey-striped skirt is a traditional clothing item around here, I even found a similar one in another thrift shop a few weeks later. It’s actually too long for “normal” Lolita styles but works great with Aristocrat or (non-Lolita) Steampunk. I definitely have a thing for grey-back-striped fabric, I might need a matching pinafore or overdress thingy some day.



The other one is a plain white blouse from rather light-weight fabric with a lace-edged Peter Pan collar. It’s one of those basic pieces that even fit well. In contrary to most brand blouses it doesn’t have a lot of lace around the bust, which I like. Not because I don’t like more decorative blouses, but because I needed something to wear under JSKs and waistcoats.



4 thoughts on “Lolita Challenge: Week 30 – 32: What’s a complete Wardrobe?, Impulse Buys and Great Deals

  1. I would say a “complete wardrobe” is achieved when you no longer have the feeling you have “nothing to wear”, but as that feeling seems to never go away when I look at my (lolita and non) friends out there with HUGE wardrobes in relation to content… I would say it’s an unachievable ideal ;)

Any thoughts?

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