UFO Saturday

This time with a small refashion project from beginning to end, which isn’t much, really. The light in here isn’t the best, it’s grey outside so I have to rely on lamps, but there not perfect, either.



This was the status quo of the nightdress (it’s hardly a gown)  when I bought it at the local thrift shop. I liked the lightweight quality of the fabric, the pale yellow colour (obviously not featuring here thanks to the lighting) and the cute floral print. What I didn’t like was the form, or better yet, its absence.


It was too long for my taste, too, so I shortened it (with a little help of my favourite tunic for length reference) and made waist ties out of the cut-off fabric.


Works. Bad lighting, I tell you, plus a small mirror, plus being too lazy to take my pants off to try on a dress. I love the way it fits now, not perfectly like a glove, but more loosely, and very comfortable.



The last thing I did was replacing the boring plastic buttons with laundry ones I had in my hoard. The dress will surely make a great addition to my Mori Kei wardrobe come warmer days, and I’m really glad I finally invested the one hour (or less) I needed to fix it to my tastes. Now excuse me while I plunder my fabric chest for more tunic material.

By the way: I also gave up on NaNo for this year, but I’m still proud of how far I made it. There are 30k of words sitting on my hard-drive now, waiting to be shaped into a whole world and maybe a story, with the plot lined out completely, something I learned to do this year. Still, of course, congratulations to those who’ll make it!


One thought on “UFO Saturday

  1. My computer is running really slow and most of the pics won’t show up but it looks like a cute tunic!

    I pretty much gave up on NaNo too, I had so much other stuff that needed to be done! But like you I am proud of what I did get done!

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