30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 28 & 29


28- Has getting into mori girl changed your perspective on life or how you life at all? how so?

In a strange way, Mori Kei has made me more mainstream compatible. It might be because somewhere on a Venn diagram Mori has a non-ignorable overlap with general hipstery, or because going green is quite a trend at the moment anyway (which I love, by the way!). I used to be environmentally conscious before, having grown up with a Waldorf school teacher for a father and a neo-witchy mother who both indulged in wholemeal pasta (every greenie child knows that this must be some sort of repentance for some karmic catastrophy they obviously caused in a past life – just kidding, it’s okay), hiking, general outdoorsy-ness and being nice to the nature that surrounds us (also, almost no-one in my family drinks coffee). Actually, one could say I’ve been a Mori Girl all my life. I even used to dress a bit this way in my teens (though I thrift more these days, but that’s mainly because I live two corners away from the charity shop now), wearing hand-me-downs of my mother and clothes from eco brands. There’s a particular crocheted vest I remember donning in school all the time. I just used to call it “tree hugging hippie style” back then.

29-  What other fashions are you interested in, if any?

I’m in the process of re-finding/re-defining my sense of style at the moment. Anyway, I’m mostly interested in Lolita styles, Strega, Dolly Kei, something between goth and punk, Steampunk, vintage styles… oh, and my regular archaeologist baggy pants and flannels.


3 thoughts on “30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 28 & 29

  1. I grew up playing outdoors a lot, climbing trees, that was pretty great! I am trying to shop more ethically, i am lucky rhat my favouriye btands, Tree of Life and HolyClothing use ethical manufacture.

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