2014 in Review


Every year I struggle with this review. And every year I write one again. Just the most important events and happenings, though, but nevertheless.


My favourite thing, rather at the beginning of the year, was the field trip I took with our Provincial Roman Empire professor and about twenty of my classmates. You can find the posts on that here and here.
I also held what I think one of my best presentations yet, mainly because I finally had the opportunity to work interdisciplinary, covering not only archaeological aspects of the specific site but also folklorist, social and ethnological ones, even incorporating a bit of gender studies, too. All in all this was a year to reassure me that my choice of study field wasn’t that wrong after all.
Our annual advent party was a beautiful conclusion of the year at our little institute, completely with hot cider, mulled wine, exploring the building and the forbidden courtyard with Wainwright (a friend and study colleague I get along with wonderfully) and a nice get-together with him and a few others at a pub after the party was over.


Spring 2014 had a certain magic to it. Not only did I finish my first real illustration job, but there were also a few happenstances that lead to meeting one of my best friends yet, not to mention soul kin: The Northerner. There might be five hundred kilometers between us, Honey, but you know I left a piece of my soul up there and I hope you’ll keep it and take good care of it.
Spring also saw Scoundrel’s and my fourth anniversary, and through all the trouble and turmoil of the year we still emerge victoriously holding hands. Things are good.


2014 was the best ConQuest yet, it absolutely made my summer. I posted a big con review here on the blog (part 1 ⃒ part 2 ⃒ part 3), and I’m looking forward to next year. It was a bit of a disappointment, though, not to be able to visit Epic Empires as well, especially as Wainwright and I planned to go together and I was quite looking forward to that (wasn’t our fault that we didn’t go, though, so maybe there’s still a chance of us going on adventures eventually).
I also visited the seaside again in Summer, and I’m ever so thankful to my favourite Northerner for getting me there because I missed it so much.


At the beginning of Autumn I turned 25, and even before that I cut off my first two dreads in favour of a fringe while the Northerner read to me from a travel diary, and I still love it.
I also started to be more conscious about plastic in my life, and consumerism in general. As I mention often enough my parents raised me aware of those things anyway, but that won’t keep me from trying to produce even less waste. You might have to expect posts on the matter come 2015.
I didn’t win NaNo this year but in the end that was perfectly okay because I was far too busy being happy about finding a new friend through it. I already knew Verdinium from tumblr, but through NaNo we started chatting more frequently, and now she’s sort of my online BFF. Thanks for contacting me, love. The best thing is that she still calls me “little fawn”. ♥


We had an accident in the family and my grandmother ended up spending four weeks at the hospital. Now that she’s out and in rehab, a friend of mine from my LARP group got hospitalised, too. I don’t like hospitals that much, but neither do people who have to stay there and by visiting I felt like I could distract them for a while. I hope both end up really well again.
Another not-so-great thing was the disbanding of our musical theatre club. Too many people had moved away during the year, and the rest of us was just too busy with university and work to keep it up. We agreed that it was probably for the better, and in the end I’m happy about it. This way I can work more for own musical projects, like my band that has really grown together in 2014, too. Picko even accompanied me to Jules’ fraternity’s Christmas ball.
This was the first year for me not to go to my mother’s for Yuletide. Instead I spent Yule by myself which was the best decision I could make, and Christmas eve and Christmas at Jules’ place, feasting and watching endless amounts of holiday TV.
Finally, just a few days ago, the only thing I really wished for arrived here, and we got several centimetres of snow. I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning the driveway, but that’s perfectly worth it.

Everything Else

I tried to be less shy around my classmates and I still do. While I still fail at this during my art classes – people probably think I’m the most arrogant bitch out there – and only talk to our professor (because he’s the only one I know there) I’m getting better with my archaeology classmates.

There’s also a new sushi place in town, and their food is delicious.
Cross the threshold to the next year savely, all of you!, and we’ll see each other in 2015. ♥


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